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My article in Hindi on a national daily

Do you remember last year I went abroad in November sometime and was back in India around 20th December?
Well, before going out I had submitted an article to a Hindi national daily called Dainik Jagran.

The article was published early this month after much wait. My English work has been published many times but this was a first for me for a Hindi national daily!

I thought of sharing this with you before I forget. 🙂
Here is a small part from the article ज़मीन पर चाँद.

अरे ओ पंडितजी, ज़रा सुनिए तो सही! मैंने जोर से गुहार लगाई पर पंडितजी तो मानो किसी घोड़े पर सवार थे। ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे उन्होंने कोई भूत देख लिया हो।
हमें समझ आ गया था कि पंडितजी क्यों चले गए। वहां बिजली तो है नहीं, और ज्यादा लोग भी आते-जाते नहीं। झील के किनारे घने जंगल में कई जानवर पाए जाते हैं। दोपहर बाद ये जानवर, खासकर भेडि़ये अपने भोजन का प्रबंध करने निकल पड़ते हैं। फिर किसी इंसान की क्या मजाल कि यहां टिकना पसंद करे। सबको अपनी जान प्यारी होती है। हमें भी थी।

If you can read Hindi, please head over to read the full article.

The seductive Flamenco dancers

The seductive Flamenco dancers

I try hard to look into her eyes every time she turns towards me, but I can not. Her movements are fast, very fast. Should I look at the expression in her eyes and face or should I look at her feet tapping merrily on the beat of hand clapping and the song? One more time she swirls gracefully holding her long skirt. It has lace and layers of ruffles. Sometimes she just flicks it in style. If she does not do it, then the ankle length skirt is long enough to make her trip and fall over.

flamenco dancer

Her costume reflects the

Moments of calmness

Covering my head, bare feet I crossed the Threshold after dipping my unshod feet in flowing water meant for washing feet before entering the temple premises. The moment I was inside, I felt I had entered a different world. The chanting of hymns, the calming atmosphere and the sheer presence of spirituality took me into a trance.

moments of calmness golden temple
It was afternoon; the sun was in the mood of flaunting its capability of burning everybody before it can call it a day in three hours time.
I was at the