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Pure and Pristine Mauritius in Pictures

I wonder what I like more about Mauritius. Is it the blue waters or is it the blue sky with white fluffy clouds?
Is it the cloud kissing mountains or the pristine white sands on a beach ? Do I prefer the markets and the malls more or is the vast expanse of sugarcane fields that interests me? The similarity in cultures or the variety of adventure activities?

Mauritius is that one country you can immediately fall in love with, even before landing.

Here is a photo feature of this beautiful country to show you a glimpse.

flamboyant tree

Bouquet d’Annee,

Poland in winters

Poland in winters!
The sheer thought of it makes you shiver in cold. Isn’t it?

The day I landed in Warsaw was quite warm according to the locals. The maximum temperature that day was 5 degrees Celsius whereas generally it is between -10 to -15 degrees!
No doubt it was breezy and cold when I stepped out of the airport, but I could manage. The joy of stepping in a new country is always overwhelming. In the afternoon the Sun had also come out to make me smile.
In reality, more than the weather it was the warmth and hospitality of its people which won over that cold.

Here is a photo feature of this beautiful country to show you a glimpse.

What a colorful treat to our eyes! Town square at Warsaw.

Montserrat, a serrated mountain

Montserrat, a serrated mountain

Montserrat was my last stop before proceeding to Barcelona for my flight back home and I was very happy to end my backpacking trip with this natural marvel. I highly recommend you to include this place in your itinerary.
Have you ever seen a mountain with a ‘human’ touch? A mountain that reminds you of ‘being’ human?
Montserrat mountain in Catalonia Spain is just that.


Hundreds of humans standing snugly. They even have names !

Spain is

Images from the God’s own country

As you know I was invited to the ICTT (International Conference on Travel Technology) India which was held in Trivandrum. After the conference the delegates were shown different places of Kerala and their beauty.

I’ll write about the Indian adventures on the road in a separate post. 🙂 We were a group of four (2 Australians and 2 Indians).

Meanwhile, I take you to the God’s own country through these photos.

God’s own country munnar tea plantation kerala

Lush green velvety hills were a treat to our eyes.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

I live in Mumbai and yet this was my first time at KGAF (Kala Ghoda Arts Festival). Call it my bad luck, I was always out of town at this time of the year.
I used to wonder what is so fascinating about this festival that people come here from other parts of India to attend it and I haven’t done so! Thankfully, I now know the reason.

This 9 day art festival is held every year in Mumbai with various themes and interpretations with representation of social issues, the state of our country what it is today. Many artists show their creativity through their work. Not only this, the sub-festivals feature the visual arts, dance, music, theatre, cinema, literature, lectures, seminars and workshops, heritage walks and special events for children as well. Various NGOs also have their stalls selling their products.

Without wasting time further I show you a glimpse of KGAF. Please read the captions below the photos to know what they depict. You can see many more photos of KGAF on my Facebook page.

Kala ghoda
Kala Ghoda which literally means

Tropical Islands of Thailand

Tropical Islands of Thailand

I have travelled extensively in Thailand. The country & its beautiful locations fascinate me no end. So when I received a guest post from Sankara about pristine locations of Thailand, I was more than happy to publish it here.

Over to Sankara now.

It is that time of the year when most of the world is fleeing to the warmer tropical destinations of the world to spend their beach holiday. And what better way to spend it than the beautiful tropical islands of Thailand. These tropical islands ensure that the tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to white sands, great diving spots, fresh sea food, a relaxing experience and lots of sunshine.

Like most of the tourists, I too have been spending a little over one month in different tropical islands of Thailand and below is a collection of some pictures that I took during this time. Hope these pictures entice you to explore these islands yourself.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Tropical Islands of Thailand

Stay at Ko Nang Yuan – one of the prettiest beach destinations that you can stay on.

Colors of my travel

This post is about colors of travel which I’ve captured during my travels. Choosing just one for each category was extremely difficult for me. Here are my five colors of travel which capture the essence as per my perception.

RED: Drying time.
Best red photos would always be a fiery sunset and I have quite a few of them. But I avoided putting them here.

woman drying clothes

We were hiking in

My 7 super travel shots

Ah well… This post is about posting my 7 super travel shots in the following categories which I think best suit them.

It was really very difficult to find just one image for each of these seven categories from among all my cherished travel photos, but I think I have done a good job with my picks. It is very nostalgic to go back through old photos and remember how amazing those trips were. 😀
So, without further ado, here are my seven super shots in seven categories !

1. A photo that…takes my breath away

Lonar crater lake

Lonar crater lake in Maharashtra is third

Ganapati Visarjan

And so we bade farewell to our Lord Ganesha.
The Elephant God was worshipped for ten days amidst fanfare and now it was time to say goodbye.

Reverberating “Ganapati Bappa Morya ! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!”, requesting Him to come fast next year, people carried Him to the respective immersion place, whether it was a small pond or a lake or the Arabian sea !

They carried Him on their heads, in their laps or in large trucks, the spirit of this festival remained high. It didn’t make any difference whether they were just two or a large group; whether they were Hindu, Muslim or Sikhs. Everybody rejoiced.

I have tried to catch the mood in my camera. There are many, many photos which I’ll upload soon in my photo gallery.

Till then here are some glimpses.

ganapati visarjan

Isn’t mine better than yours ?