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Interview with an international chef

I was invited to attend the Malaysian Food Festival which is being held in Mumbai. So when I went there yesterday, I was welcomed by the very warm & courteous staff of India Jones, Hotel Trident to a corner table near a French window.

After the regular customaries, the Malay Chef Kamarudin Bin Dali was informed and he came to my table to greet me. We exchanged greetings and he asked me what I wanted to order from the menu, so that he could start preparing it for me. He also gave me his business card and left for the kitchen.

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” -Thomas Keller

I wanted to speak to the person who puts soul in those dishes. I put in request to the staff asking if it would be possible. The Chef was kind enough to oblige me for a few minutes from his busy schedule.

Here is a short interview with him. I can actually call it a chit chat.

malaysian chef

The Chef Kamarudin Bin Dali, along