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Why you should visit Thailand

Post updated: April 27th, 2020.

When a military coup seized control of Thailand’s government in May 2014, worried travelers cancelled their vacation plans. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the tourism plummeted by about 20 %. “Should I or shouldn’t I” was the dilemma. Within few weeks Thailand was dancing on its feet again. A bomb blast in Bangkok has raised the issue again.

If you are still confusing over this question with some inconsistent information about travelling to Thailand, then below are some facts & reasons which will ease your decision making for Land of Smiles. 🙂

why you should visit thailand

Stately Golden Tower Seville or Torre del Oro Sevilla

Before it finally says bye for the day, the setting Sun makes sure that the river water turns golden. Its reflecting golden rays are doing magic to it. Looks like thousands of gold fishes make a bed just beneath the water surface. The river water is calm and I see a few racing boats paddling rigorously and a cruising ship. Not very far from the tower, San Telmo Palace is glowing to its glory. I am enjoying an evening at Golden Tower, Seville.

Golden Tower Seville
Indeed a Golden Tower !



Golden tower seville or Torre del Oro Sevilla at night

Article updated on 24th July, 2019

I am at a riverside

A Jaunt around Jaffa

A jaunt around Jaffa

It is late afternoon and the sun is killing, despite a strong Mediterranean breeze, as we walked the couple of hundred metres from our hotel to the railway station Jaffa (yafo in Hebrew). Yes, Jaffa also has a railway station (Ha Tachana), which is however defunct now. Frankly, I didn’t have an inkling about this railway station until now. I do not read about the places before visiting them and let them surprise me. So, this is a nice surprise. 🙂


In its heyday the railway station was used to transport 1000s of pilgrims to Jerusalem. Now used as a place for people to come together in the evenings and also as a shopping and an entertainment centre. There are hardly any vehicles in the car park now, but would gradually fill to the brim by the time the Sun sets.

Donkey Taxi in Mijas

Donkey Taxi in Mijas

The first thing you hear about the little vibrant, beautiful white town Mijas (pronounced as Mikhas) is about Donkey Taxis. You can see them nicely decorated and carrying tourists through the alleys, streets and small squares of Mijas.

donkey taxi mijas

A donkey moment errr.. monument! 😛

Burro (or donkey) Taxi has become

8 Fun Things to do in Ibiza

So you thought Ibiza is only about beaches, drinks and throbbing night life?
Of course, they are an integral part of this pristine island and Ibiza is the unofficial party capital of the world but there is much more to Ibiza beyond these. Unlike the misconception, Ibiza is as much a destination for a family or a group as it is for couples. If you are not comfortable with the impression it has, go to Ibiza for other reasons.

1) Go drumming.

You can learn, teach or

Cambodia, 5 off beat things to do in Siem Reap

Cambodia, 5 off beat things to do in Siem Reap

We all know that a sightseeing tour of Cambodia entails a visit Angkor Wat, and the so many temples until you get completely templed out and so many Wats to last you a lifetime.
Also, any “5 things to do in Cambodia” will talk about the 5 main points of attractions and may include Balloon rides and Helicopter Tours as well.

Wat What if you are on a extended trip like we were? I have compiled a few off beat stuff that you can do.

Volunteer : Most government schools will welcome a volunteer teacher, house builder, electrician, carpenter etc. Spend a few hours every week to help Cambodia, which is now struggling to be back on its own 14 million pairs of feet. Generally you can just walk in to a school and find out about these opportunities & availabilities but if you are like me then you can find something beforehand and finalize the dates and timings etc.
Well, if you are really interested, I can help you out in this.

Cello Concert at Children’s Hospital : The swiss pediatrician Dr. Beat Richner, adorns the nick name, BEATOCELLO. Why ? Because he plays the Cello!
Beat Richner in cambodia

The cellist pediatrician Dr. Beat Richner at his work.


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