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TraveLibro – One stop shop for travel

TraveLibro – One stop shop for travel

Times have changed. Earlier when I was only traveling and not documenting anything about my travels, I had to rummage through my photo albums and break my head to remember the vital information if I wanted to revisit the place or someone asked me anything about it. Which bus, which hotel, what to do, main attraction and all. All too often I would sheepishly draw a blank when I faced these queries.

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Then I started blogging and writing about my journeys. I have come a long way by documenting & sharing my journeys, travel destinations, experiences and tips. Few months back I came to know about TravelLibro, a travel start up in India. I recently started sharing my experiences in a concise form on it.

Sometimes we get attracted to a place by sheer looking at a picture or reading an experience about a place. I must say, TraveLibro with more than 3000 destinations spread over more than 80 countries is bound to do that to you. There are thousands stories from across the world waiting for you to read and get inspired. Each story is a complete package with information on hotels, mode of travel and places to have food. You can take help of these tips, recommendations to decide on your plans.

The best part of TraveLibro is that it is a one stop shop that caters to the entire travel experience. Right from flight booking, hotel booking, car rentals, things to do, major attractions or hidden gems, tours & excursions, it serves you all in one single platter. Instead of browsing through various sites for each of your need, now you can plan with help of TraveLibro. You can also go through the itineraries of experienced travelers and their photos and tips to have an idea beforehand. What more, you can also share your own experience on the platform! TraveLibro serves as a combination of travel search portal and a social networking platform.

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Created with the primary object to showcase and help your love for travel to grow, TraveLibro allows you to create a personal travel diary, connecting users with various agents and biggies such as Skyscanner. TraveLibro has its own listing of home stays and hotels.

The ‘On-The-Go’ app feature auto-creates a beautiful shared timeline of your journey which can be tracked with simple check-ins, picture uploads and status messages by you and by your family, friends if they’re also traveling with you. Also, isn’t it a wonderful idea to make your folks back home feel at the place where you are?

The updates we make on platforms like Facebook and twitter, are lost with time in thousands of other updates and then it is hard to group & preserve our updates together. TraveLibro helps us to make it possible. Don’t believe? Try it. 🙂

Before heading to any destination, I prefer to check some essentials like attractions and tips which help me plan better. I have created my profile on TraveLibro and have posted a few itineraries like Bangkok in three days, Bandung, a hidden gem and few more. They are complete itineraries and I am sure they’re going to help you. Do check them and follow my journeys. I have downloaded TraveLibro app & it looks quite promising. Can’t wait to use the ‘On-the-go’ feature of it! Do try out the app. It’s FREE!

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