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OPPO F1 Selfie Expert

OPPO F1 Selfie Expert

Bright & Beautiful, Selfie Expert OPPO F1 !

I think the mobile consumers never had it so good. With the latest technologies becoming less and less costly, launch of new phones every few days gives us a more bang for our money.

Yes, #OPPOF1, the new entry into the mobile arena does that too. At around 7mm thickness and a light weight body and a full feature camera strives to claim to be the traveler’s mate. OPPO is quite well known in the South East Asian market and would like to make a pace for themselves in India with this product.

I went to the launch of this phone and here is what I have to say.

As a traveler and a photographer I am not only interested in the camera but in its features, protection and general handiness.

OPPO F1’s body is metal, as compared to most phone that has a plastic body. The special premium aluminum undergoes multiple step-process to get a silky sheen that I have not seen elsewhere. It gives more protection against knocks and shocks. The 5 inch screen is just the right size that it is easy to read at the same time not too unwieldy.

Internal memory is huge, 3GB RAM for the superfast computing and a whopping internal storage of 16GB. This is good enough for my music, books and movies that I carry during my travels. If one needs more storage then, one can add an external storage of up to 128GB! However, there is one problem. You can use either the second SIM card or the additional micro SD card.

The icing on the cake is the full feature camera! Let me take you through its features. I have been playing with many of its features and I can say that it is habit forming. 🙂

Bright Colors!

The front camera is a cool 8MP for that beautiful snap of yourself to share with your family and friends back home. In addition there is a lot of filters to make the photo really beautiful, Don’t know if it is really #SelfieExpert but produces great pictures of self.
The 13MP front camera puts this phone in league with others in the category of Camera Mobile. There are creative features like double exposure that lets you click two images and merge them.

Double Exposure.

In addition there are the standard features such as Panorama, HDR, Beautify 3.0 which works quite fast and reliably. For the traveler in me, the audio notes that you can record after each shot is really a boon and I can safely do away with my regular notebook.

The ability to shoot in RAW and Expert control of white balance, exposure compensation and manual focus (yes you heard it right!), will definitely strike a chord with the more serious mobile photographers.

Full HD video recording capability at 30 fps is more than enough for taking quick videos. In fact this is becoming a standard feature on all the phones of this class. Not only that, you could also create a gif file for a very short video of a few seconds.

Good in low light too

The price point is probably a bit higher considering this is a new entrant and other phones with similar features may not be as expensive. It comes with a non-removable battery of 2500MAH capacity. I think it is a tradeoff to keep the phone slim.

#F1HotSale OPPO F1, Bright & Beautiful, Selfie Expert OPPO F1, sales is going to start from 4th to 6th Feb and it is priced at Rs 15,990.

Disclaimer- The phone was given to me on returnable basis.

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  1. A true #SelfieExpert camera should have proximity/danger sensor that warns owner NOT To take selfie in dangerous situations (Like Attention Assist in Mercedes, which asks driver to take a coffee break if it feels driver is not steady/sleepy etc

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