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One day in Europe

A few days back I watched the movie “One day in Europe“.

Written and directed by Hannes Stöhr, it revolves around four different incidents in four different cities in Europe in a single day. Sad part is, I have not been to any of those cities (Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin, Santiago de Compostela). 🙁

one day in europe

The movie is related to travel and all the four stories have something in common… A visit to police station mainly to collect a police report to be used to claim insurance.

The protagonists are strangers in the respective countries with little or no knowledge of the local language. The miscommunication happens and the police scenes are fun to watch.
Through this film the director tries to highlight a small share of each of the different cultures. The script cleverly uses the potential provided by language barriers.
Soccer in Europe can not be ignored and it plays a silent significant role in the movie showing how the policemen are more interested in the game and care little for the loss of the tourist.

There is a Hungarian teacher who is travelling through whole of Europe and has lost his camera in Santiago. Saddened, he tells the policeman that pictures are more important than the camera since they hold a memory for him. Obviously, the policeman thinks he is insane. Ok, I will not reveal the story…

What I liked the most was smooth (with a tinge of animation) transition from one city to another, combined with a soccer match in the background which actually links the stories together.

All in all, the movie is quite entertaining and shows why I really enjoy Europe. 😀

I think I am going to watch this movie again after a few years when I visit at least some cities from the movie.

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14 thoughts on “One day in Europe”

  1. I got hooked to my Euro trip dream after watching Band of Brothers in college. Not to mention many WW movies and the ones like In Bruges, Before Sunset/Sunrise and the Funny Euro Trip … etc.
    BTW have put this movie on download 🙂

  2. Amar,
    Europe is so fascinating that it’ll be difficult to decide which country should be left out! Each has its own charm. There are so many movies & novels.
    I can actually relate to places with them and feel at home. 🙂

    e.g. When I was in Paris & Rome, I could visualize every description of the novel Da Vinci code.

  3. I identify completely with the pictures being more important than the camera part, though if I lost my DSLR it would involve shelling out a lot of money as well!

    Your review invokes curiosity.

  4. I haven’t been to any of these cities either!

    The movie looks intriguing, I’ll try to find it. I usually like these cross-stories.

  5. @Zhu:
    Let’s go together then ! But you are just back from a long trip. 🙂

    It’s short movie but tells the general culture about European countries. 🙂

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