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Asus Zenfone 3, Camera Features

Have you heard of the saying “All good things come in small packages!”?

As travel bloggers we travel a lot and take a lot of pictures. I had always wished that good cameras came in small packages that I could use in a jiffy and which also gave a reasonable result.

One day, ominous rain clouds had gathered and it had been threatening to rain again, in Mumbai. I was working in my study and just happened to see outside. The ethereal setting impressed me and I was just about to get up and get my regular camera that was stored in another room. I was feeling a bit lazy and stretched my hand to pick up the cell phone that had just come in the morning and I had not had a chance to use.

I thought of using it in this scenario for the very first shot and soon I was enjoying using it for many a shots under different settings. The review on the mobile screen was a treat to watch with its Hi definition and enchanting colours. Viewers, I show you some of them here.

A view from my window. Cooler white balance.

A view from my window. Warmer white balance.

I normally carry my regular camera whenever I go out. However, another day, I was going for an important meeting where I could not take my camera and it was already raining. (Omg, when will the rains stop in Mumbai!).

While in the cab I watch the droplets being formed on the windows and disappearing. Using my regular camera, I would have used the manual focus to pick out the droplets clearly. Autofocus often tries to focus beyond the glass at other objects like buildings and trees. I decided to test out the manual focus feature. Within a few minutes of playing around, I got hang of it. Both autofocus and manual focus are presented below. I would like to point out that the cab was moving slowly when these shots were taken.

Auto focus, focusses on the building

Manual focus on the water droplets

Later in the night, I went to visit a local “Dandiya” programme and decided to take Zenfone 3 also. While the dancing area was well lit using high power lamps, the idol of the Goddess was under low power frequently changing coloured lights.
I present below a video and some shots under low light and artificial lights.

Goddess Durga Under Colored Lights

Goddess Durga under colored lights

Goddess under colored lights

So viewers, do we have a good small footprint camera which also doubles up as a cell phone. I would really like to think my small package camera is here. I particularly loved the manual feature where I could manipulate, ISO, White Balance, focusing and also the shutter speed.

Here are a few more, clicked using onscreen HDR and other options.

A large flower, compare the size of bee with the flower. 1/1600s shutter speed

CST a.k.a Victoria Terminus, Mumbai. The HDR auto feature used to accentuate the clouds a bit

A long corridor in the fort area, Mumbai using HDR feature. Here the shadows are accentuated

A night view from my window. Manual exposure of 20 Secs at 100ISO

Dandiya under artificial lights

My own little way of checking DOF

Here’s the video clicked with Zenfone 3.

Disclaimer: The phone was given to us for review on returnable basis. It is no more with us.

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