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An encounter with nature – Sajan Nature club

So, I had encounter with nature, courtesy Sajan Nature Club. Situated at a distance of around 100 KMs from Mumbai, this resort is ideal for a weekend getaway, be it a family or a group of grown ups or kids.

sajan nature club

Near the office.

Through their website, I had opted for a tree-top accommodation from the various options they have from cocoons, huts, tents or dormitories.

sajan nature club

Hammock and my air-conditioned Tree top hut in background.

The resort is a beehive of activities such as Kayaking, rappelling, valley crossing, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping etc. If you are not interested in these kinds of activities then probably you’d just want to laze around in a hammock or a jhoola, go for a walk along nature trails and watch sunset, play cricket or tennis, or simply relax in the swimming pool and get a foot massage done or even learn the nitty-gritty of Warli paintings.

sajan nature club

Valley crossing.

sajan nature club


They are trying to keep the resorts closer to nature and some of the things have been left untouched. What I noticed and liked that they have labeled almost all the trees in the campus. This helps school kids who come here for camping to identify and relate.

sajan nature club

This big tree has branches spread to many other trees.

Talking of camping, Nature trails have a wide range of packages for each age group at each of its six resorts in Maharashtra and have a long list of clientele. From a day tour to weeks, they have been designed to suit & serve the objective of the camps. I think Tapola where they teach windsurfing or Kundalika for white water rafting would be a really good option for adventurous people. 🙂

sajan nature club

Some of the labeled trees.

I was told, they also have an annual scheme where you can avail of “Free stay every weekday” at any of their resorts by paying a nominal fee. It is good in the sense that you have commitment of just one year. If you don’t like it, you haven’t locked your money for life. I met a few people at the resort who had availed of this scheme, just to know another viewpoint and they seemed quite satisfied.

What I did not like about Sajan and informed the management. And I am assured by them that prompt action is being taken for each one of them.
– Lack of trash cans around the huts, other living and walking areas. There are very few.
– Food menu is good in terms of variety but quality is passable.
– Recreational area needs to be overhauled.
– Probably some more greenery would have been better but then it is summer time when I was there.
– Lack of sign posts on the highways and Wada road. Due to heavy constructions on highway, we missed the right turn and went 8 KMs ahead before we realized our mistake. We missed the turn again on Wada road.

How to reach Sajan Nature club :
From Mumbai– Take western express highway towards north. Reach Dahisar toll naka (check point). After that head off on the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway for around 60 kms till you reach Manor. At Manor take a right on the Wada road upto Pali (16 kms). At Pali take a left and go for 12 kms to reach Sajan. At Sajan take a right off the main road and follow sign posts till you reach Sajan Nature Club.
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6 thoughts on “An encounter with nature – Sajan Nature club”

  1. What a great place! Did you do that Valley crossing?? Loved how they had so many activities AND also loved the fact they had labeled the various trees.

  2. I stayed in similar huts in Thailand and I loved it. You feel lost in the middle of nature! Definitely an experience.

    Lack of trash cans is definitely an issue. You wouldn’t want this place to be spoiled…

  3. The lack of trash cans just shows the lack of respect Sajan Nature Club has for nature from which they are making a living… I wonder for how long…

    The place certainly looks nice, but I think it’s important to get the basics right.

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