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Olympic coins anyone?

Time flies.
Year 2000.
Twelve years back I was living in Sydney. If you have some interest in sports, you would know that Sydney in Australia had hosted Olympic games that year. The whole country was exhilarated with excitement and so were we. One could smell and feel the Olympics in the air. 😀
The shops, the malls, the streets, the buildings … all were decorated in festive mood and souvenirs were selling everywhere.
Everybody was looking forward to the games. When the time came for carrying the Olympic torch, we were fortunate to see it being carried in front of us. In fact I have a few photos with the torch bearer. We spoke to him and he was kind enough to let us click a few shots. I was over the cloud nine.

Anyway, this is not about the beautiful memories that are etched in my mind but about the beautiful souvenirs which we all can see & touch and what better than collecting & treasuring a few Olympic souvenirs … flags, pins, mascots etc and the most important among them being Olympic commemorative gold coins? 😀
And with Olympic games in progress, what better time to flaunt my souvenir of the month! 😛

Without wasting much time, I leave to you some photos to see and enjoy.

Olympic coins

Each one of them has a different sport. Total 28 sports.

Olympic coins

Front side of the coin is the sport and the back side is embossed with the Queen’s face.

Olympic coins

A closer look, coin specifications and some interesting facts about the sport.

Olympic coins anyone?

Front side, Tennis. And the official price of each coin. I bought them on premium.

We had bought many coins, gifted to all close relatives. Now we have just a few of them with us.

How do you like this series? I’ll appreciate your feedback on this.

P.S.- This is a monthly series exhibiting various souvenirs that I have picked up from my journeys across the globe. You can see more of them here.
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22 thoughts on “Olympic coins anyone?”

  1. It is a very good collection! I really wish the internet world helps you complete this collection or sends you some London Olympics ones!

    I will be on the look out definitely.

  2. Samaresh,
    I have not made any album per se, so thought of writing about them one by one. Even I am discovering things in my house which had become so obvious to us. 😀

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