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Le Monde travel  blog Africa
Le Monde travel  blog Africa

About Us

Lemonicks means exploring the world (Le Monde) by two mavericks,
Lemonicks is also Le Monde, the Poetic Travels!
For Nisha and Vasu, travelling is nothing but a long unfinished,
ever evolving, poetry where each trip forms a verse!
We are pioneers sometimes and sometimes the followers ,
but the following words of Sigmund Freud reverberates in our hearts.

“Everywhere we go, we find that a poet has been there before us”

…………………Nisha & Vasudevan

Nisha Jha & Vasudevan R.

Nisha & Vasu
Indian Couple Travel bloggers, travelling the world. No, they did NOT quit their jobs to travel, they were traveling anyway even before quitting. Their idea of travelling is counting no. of memories, and not places and bring to you their travel stories and experiences from around the world.

A few things to Nisha’s credit includes her being the only Indian Travel blogger, Yahoo has made an exclusive video on. She wrote for Fox Traveler, was interviewed on a live Travel Talk Radio show of USA. The couple have been featured in EuroNews channel and Spanish TV, Siberian TV, a top Indian FM channel as well and in numerous newspapers & magazines.

This Indian Couple travel blog has been featured in Asian; has business deal with Ford and so on…

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We work closely with tourism boards and relevant lifestyle brands, helping them connect with the travel community. To discuss ways to collaborate, partner, advertise and sponsor for many travel related opportunities.

We are ever ready, our bags are packed and we are available for any travel or photographic campaigns and /or assignments , anywhere in the world.

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Published In is an award winning Indian Couple Travel Blog. Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R, the founders, write about their travel experiences, tips, tricks and guides as an travel-aid to our esteemed readers. They not only write in their blog but also in several print publications and online journals.

Here are some of them.

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