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Souvenir Key Chains

Long back someone gifted me an exquisite keychain. I have till now treasured it. Then one more came my way. I treasured it as well.
When I started travelling, I saw keychains at every tourist place. These are the smallest mementos that one can take back home for oneself or gift without much botheration.
So, I began buying keychains for myself and others too. Also being a backpacker I neither have money nor space to carry bigger fancier gifts for people back home.

key chains

Antique looking pieces. I have some gold plated as well.

Gradually it became a habit and my collection started growing.

What do I do with so many of them?

Well, I have a 3′ X 3′ soft board for displaying these key chains collected over a period of time.

The memories of all those places come flooding everytime I look at them. I have many more which are vying for a place on this board.

souvenir key chains

Some close ups !

Do you want to see my whole collection ? 😀

Are you also in the habit of collecting memorabilia when you travel? What do you collect generally?
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27 thoughts on “Souvenir Key Chains”

  1. My sister collects them, so I buy them for her wherever we go! samhith wanted to collect them too, but i said one person collecting something is enough! we already collect stones, shells, leaves, stamps, postcards, and so many more things, so we leave the keychains to her! she has at least 500 by now!

  2. Now that’s some collection! Things like these do bring back all those flood of associated lovely travel memories… I myself dont have any habit as such but I do like to pick up stones of varying formations and colors from sea shores or river banks!

  3. A very interesting collection, well-displayed! The things I bring back from holidays ? Depends – usually something local and exclusive to that area – bright red pebbles from Barcelona, creamed artichokes from Italy, prayer bells from Nepal. And yes, lots of photos!

  4. looks like u have a good collection! i dont use keychains at all … and keep three keys in a ring without a keychain. the problem is … a keychain makes it tougher to put the bunch in the pocket 🙂

  5. Love your collection.I just received one beautiful keychain from my friend who is back from Eurotrip.I love collecting mugs and local artifacts .

  6. @Samaresh,
    Thank you. I have not counted but it’d be more than 150. I don’t have keychains from all the places.

    Yeah, keychains are just one of the collectibles.

  7. @Anu,
    500 is a big no. ! Where does she keep them?
    Yes, like you I also collect many other items. Keychains are just one of them.

    Bravo! You are one practical person. 🙂

  8. @Arti,
    Thank you.
    Yeah, those colorful stones are also part of my treasure. 😀

    Thanks a lot.
    I started with keychains to share what I collect but it is not necessarily a keychain. Anything which reminds me of that place comes along. 🙂

  9. @Krishna,
    Thank you.

    Yes, you are right. 🙂
    I can understand the difficulty in using them for daily use but these are just memorabilia. 😀

  10. Great idea about the soft board for your key chain collection. I would love to see all of them 🙂
    I usually use them when I either buy or get them as a gift, then I get disappointed when they get damaged. Looking forward to reading your postings!

  11. @Jorge,
    Welcome here.
    Okay. One day I will show you the whole collection. 🙂
    And I don’t use them generally… either gift them or keep them in my collection.

  12. Hi Nisha! It seems that everybody is on holidays travelling somwhere… Here it’s true, but someone has to stay and work… 😉

    Amazing chains!!

    Blogtrotter Two is preparing to leave St. Florent. Enjoy and have a wonderful week!!

  13. I buy postcards from the place I visit. I take photos but postcards are nice and always serve as a memory. PS: The postcards are meant for my consumption only. I don’t send them out 🙂

  14. Kits,
    Have I told you that I post a postcard to myself from every place that I visit? 🙂
    They are fun collection too. And don’t ask me how many I have. 🙂

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