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Ourselfie, our time together!

Ourselfie, our time together!

I think, for ages, painting selfies, or self-portraits as it was called then, have been a pastime for many an artist. The reason, then, probably was self-glorification or perhaps to show their prowess with the brush and also to depict themselves in a particular way. Many portrayed themselves in a group or mythical scenes too. They wanted to make a statement.

With the advent of cameras this evolved into taking Self-portrait photographs. Whatever the reasons for well-known photographers, may have been for taking self-portraits, for me it was a hobby to see my mirror image in various settings at homes and hotels. 🙂 I have probably not shared a single photo with anyone. Vasu has perhaps not taken a self-portrait photo himself at all. It was, after all, a private affair for us! I was not going to make a statement. Alternate was requesting others to “please, could you take a picture of mine against this background” and hope he gets exactly what you had in mind. Of course there is a possibility of losing your camera. I remember seeing a Charlie Chaplin movie with such stunt.

However things are changing with new smart and smarter phones which one can easily lay ones hands on. Taking photo of self is a breeze. No need to request people. (An aberration is when I heard someone requesting another “could you take my selfie please”). 🙂 🙂

At this point I would say that a selfie is more casual whereas a self-portrait photograph could well be a serious work of art. Selfies are now integral part of earthlings and what’s more, there are people providing tips for “best” selfie!

Vasu and I happened to celebrate an important date in Macau. That is when we decided, for the first time, to share our together selfies (we call it ourselfies) on social platforms. It is a great fun, especially making faces and twisting like a contortionist trying to get the right background. I often call this act as ‘selfie stress’ if it’s not coming out well. 🙂

We found that a good selfie phone is a great companion. I just whip it out whenever I feel the need to capture our togetherness.

Moreover selfies are the best and easy way to share our travel experiences with our families and friends back home, while we are travelling. Nobody needs to miss anyone anymore! It works triple fold, they know we are fine, they know where we are and what we are doing.

I dedicate post to all the friends and family out there to spread joy, love and camaraderie and come on… pack your bags and travel! I am waiting to see your selfies.

14 thoughts on “Ourselfie, our time together!”

  1. WoW! I love the title! 🙂 🙂
    As you say selfies are here to stay. It is a quick way to say to people connected with you pictorially all is well.
    Downside is people take selfies even during accidents and also while taking selfies there are accidents. Take Care.

    Happy Selfy-ing and yourselfy-ing 🙂 🙂

  2. I am glad I watched that video in mute mode initially. When I started watching it, I thought this is just another promo… But when I saw their smiles… without the background music… it was priceless. A selfie can say a lot more….

  3. I really like this post – when you’re on the road for months on end – a selfie is a way to tell and share a story with your loved ones! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

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