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Ramadan in Turkey

Come Ramzan (Ramadan) and it’s a festive mood around us. There are many countries where it is a time of great celebration, something like carnival atmosphere, with trees, mosques and homes in towns are decorated with lights.

The followers of Islam in India, Malaysia, Turkey and other parts of the world fast during the daylight hours of the month long festival of Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramadan maintaining their self-resistance towards their needs and urges. Come evening, they break their fast with mouth watering dishes in this holy month with much gusto.

Today on this occasion I take you to Turkey through pictures.

Famous mouth watering Baklava, impossible to resist.

In Turkey I roamed around shops preparing and selling Turkish delights, saw families and friends waiting in parks for the sun to set so they can start their religious picnics and walked on streets at night to see the bubbly night life of Istanbul.

Families and friends waiting in parks for the sun to set so they can start their religious picnics.

Since it’s a feast everyday, normally during Ramadan people prefer to either buy food from outside instead of preparing it at home and breaking the fast at home or they go out and break their fast.

Tables are set, all preparation done, now to wait for Sun to go down.

There are also upper middle class who go to reputed hotels & restaurants with family & friends to break the fast in the traditional way starting with a date.

If you are an adventurous eater who doesn’t mind street food, it is your month. A wide range of mouth-watering dishes …vegetarian, non-vegetarian, sweets and drinks tempt connoisseurs across the city to devour the festival’s food points.

Delicacies, absolutely hard to resist.

And then there are lights to watch at night. Tonight’s Skywatch is about Turkey.

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7 thoughts on “Ramadan in Turkey”

  1. Just the blog I needed! Planning a visit to Turkey this July during Ramadan and was wondering if it was a good time. Looking at your pictures, it looks decidedly a delicious time!

  2. Richa,
    You should go there without fail! It’s absolutely gorgeous time.

    Which all places you intend to visit? Let me know if you need any help or info for going.

  3. I loved the food in Istanbul – the street food and the dishes I tasted in the restaurants I visited. I haven’t been during Ramadan though and would love to see how that changes things. I know it can create quite a party atmosphere in the evenings!

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