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Protective Powers of Turkish Evil Eye

Protective Powers of Turkish Evil Eye

Buri nazar wale tera muh kala
Do you believe in Evil-eye or buri nazar? There is a high probability that the answer is a ‘Yes’.
evil eye souvenir turkey

This term refers to the power attributed to some persons of inflicting injury or bad luck by an envious or ill-wishing look. The evil eye is usually bestowed to others who remain unaware and it is said that misfortune comes to them if caught in the gaze.
At almost every corner of this world and in almost every culture and faith, man has looked for some assistance of talismans or charms to defy these evil forces.

In India itself we have kaala tika, tabeez, different gem stones & pearls, green chilies and lemon, a shoe or a demon face hanging at our front doors to keep away the evil forces. Very similar to our own tradition when someone praises something, they run the risk of attracting the ‘evil eye’ in the form of jealous or envy.

Turkey is no different.

The most common symbol in Turkey to ward off evil-eye is the figure of eye. In Turkey, wherever you look, you’ll meet plenty of eyes looking at you.

evil eye souvenir turkey

Key rings, earrings and all other rings. 🙂

My first encounter with this ‘eye’ happened when I checked into the hotel Anatolian Houses in Goreme, Cappadocia. I was handed over a bag with a small blue eyed pin. I was told I could pin it on my dress to ward off any evil-eyes. Turkish people believe that it absorbs bad energy coming from evil eyes.

It is common in Turkish culture to gift a blue Nazar Boncuğu (nazar boncuk) or the evil eye amulet. Mostly you can see the blue eyed talismans in the form of jewelry… bangles, neck-pieces, brooches, anklets, rings & earrings. Beautiful wind chimes, lamps, or showpieces are seen flourishing the markets. They are also painted on pottery, china and tiles.

evil eye souvenir turkey

Blue eyes in the shape of fish, heart and what not.

Why blue color? These charms are usually made of blue glass with a stylized eye design. It was believed in the ancient times that Tengri Ulgen, god of the skies in Central Asia, would sit in those skies and protect the people from evil. Hence people considered the colour of the blue skies to be sacred.

evil eye souvenir turkey

Hukka or Sheesha with Evil eye on it. You can see other gift items also on the table.

evil eye souvenir turkey

The evil eyes protecting the deserts?

What is Evil Eye?
The word ‘nazar’ has the same meaning what we have in India and is derived from an Arabic word meaning ‘sight’ or ‘seeing’. History is witness to people in Central Asia holding similar superstitions like horseshoes, garlic, wolf’s tooth, dried thorn; but the crystal blue eye has been the most popular one and continues to fight against the evil eye all over the world for thousands of years. 🙂
Nazar Boncuğu are given as gifts for a newborn baby or for moving into a new house or any such happy occasion. Sometimes a foreigner also gets it as a protection during his stay in Turkey.

Strange are the ways. Aren’t they? 😀 Have you come across something which has a global appeal?

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