Spanish Gypsy Palm Readers

Spanish Gypsy Palm Readers in Andalucia
When we visited Sevilla, there were a few gypsies around the tourist spots such as cathedral area and Plaza de Espana. One of them noticed me, moved towards me in short and fast steps, and then she offered me a bunch of leaves and said something in Spanish. Before I could even react, my guide told me not to accept and gestured me to move away.

Be careful, she could dupe you!!

The woman in question is a typical Spanish Gypsy. These gypsies are generally women and they would approach tourists and offer them a small bunch of rosemary, a flower or other posy, say “suerte” (luck) or “un regalo” (a gift) …. that they are lucky, and should have this gift.

If you accept it, they would play a new trick on you to pay for the ‘gift’. She’d grab your hand and give you a palm-reading (mostly generic nonsense that applies to anyone). It would look like a goodwill gesture but at the end of it they expect you to pay in banknotes. They consider unlucky if you give them coins. They won’t leave you alone till you pay and yes, don’t expect a change back.

She offers the bunch to everyone.

This trait is more seen in Andalucia region. You will see the beggar sitting in front of a church, or the fortune teller stalking outside the Cathedral for a Tarot spread or palm reading.

However, there is more to these gypsies. Like in any other country, they show us the other side of human life. As for their struggles, Spanish Gypsies are trying to overcome this. The positive news is that change is coming, slowly but surely. More on positive side of Spanish Gypsies in another article.

I am sure you’d have also come across a trickster. What experience did you have ? We would like to hear it here. Comment section is all yours. 🙂

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  1. हम आपके अनुभवों को महसूस करना चाहते हैं. यह तो एकदम छोटू सा हुआ. लेकिन स्वीट भी था.

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