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Segway in Spain

Segway in Spain

On a bright sunny day in Tarragona we wanted to have some fun. And how?
We attempted Segway-ing and I fell in love with it…. instantly and literally. 😀


That’s me riding my Segway along the beach.

The more formal name is Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter). It is a self balancing two wheeled electric powered vehicle which is a safe, unique, exciting and fun way to travel around the city in the open air. It comes handy while visiting the major monuments and tourist attractions and cover long distances effortlessly in minutes.

I saw people going to offices or attending to work where they have to move from one place to another frequently. Segway has become very popular within the bigger cities in Spain just like skate boarding is popular in Sydney, Australia.

And believe me, its lots of fun! You feel like a celebrity as everyone turns in awe to watch you glide by. 😀


People Segway-ing on footpath.

How I fell ‘in love’ with Segway?
It so happened that Segway tour was in our itinerary. When we reached the site and saw what was in store for us, we were a bit hesitant as no one among us except two had done it before. The guide showed us how to do it and asked who’d be the first to try it. As you’d have expected, the brave me volunteered.

The first attempt of 2 minutes was okay. I could go forward, turn to left & right and come back. After that others also tried their hands. Confidently I went for another trial run and that’s when my first fall happened ! I bumped into a step and since Segway does not have a mind of its own, it tried to climb the steps. 😛

I had a nasty fall and bruised my leg and could feel pain on the bone near my ankle. Embarrassed, I got up immediately and was ready for the two hour trip.

Second time I fell when I heard a speeding car coming from behind. Me being Indian, my reflex action moved me to the side to give way to the car though I was on a footpath. Never realized I was in Spain where drivers patiently wait for you to cross the road !

I again reiterate, Segway is safe, fast and it is recommended for sightseeing as one of the top things to do while visiting Barcelona, Madrid and Tarragona. The Segway will allow you to tour the city, the countryside or the mountains discovering new sensations.

See, how happy I am on Segway. Both these photos are AFTER my falls. I was so impressed by it that I wanted to buy one for me.

Segway tours – Minimum size of the group is 2 persons and depending on the size, no. of guides are allotted to the group. Generally one guide per 4-5 persons. These guides come with the Segways.

The Segways could be hired at EUR 59 per person for one hour of fun. If you want to explore the city in detail, you can request for an expert guide for EUR 80-125 depending on the type of the tour. This guide will accompany you on a Segway and will explain about all the monuments and history on the route.
The tours could be from 1 hour to three hours and in your choice of areas in the town.


A cleaning staff on Segway in Montserrat.

So, what are you waiting for? Go & enjoy the Segway.

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16 thoughts on “Segway in Spain”

  1. We saw people using Segway in Rome but didn’t think about trying it. Maybe next time, since you have approved it 🙂

  2. Me too!

    Looks a lot of fun.

    I would like to see a police chasing a robber in one of those Segways 🙂 🙂

    Rajnikant would probably overtake an F1 car in one of those!

  3. Samaresh,
    For safety reason Camera is strictly a no-no on Segway. My photos were taken by our guide and the other photo was clicked by me when I wasn’t riding.

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