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Peep inside Real Madrid!

The World Cup 2014 has started today. Football fever is on and what better occasion than it to peep inside a real Football stadium? To know the enormity and other details related to the game?

So today I take you inside Real Madrid Stadium.

You can’t miss the stadium when you get off the metro, or the bus. It is named after Santiago Bernabéu, the man who had the vision to create the stadium.
It is hard to envisage the enormous size of the Real Madrid stadium before visiting it, and I am sure even not so die-hard fans will appreciate the panoramic views once inside. The best way to see the stadium is to take a Real Madrid tour, which takes you behind the scenes.

One of the major attractions of Madrid, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium can seat 85,454 spectators and the pitch measures 106 x 70 metres. There are eight elevators and almost equal levels of escalators that take you to the upper stand from where you can see the breathtaking, panoramic view of the stadium. The Santiago Bernabéu stadium has undergone several renovations over the years, which have resulted in this very stylish look today.

At first, I wondered why these vehicles were parked on the ground and what those yellow lights were. It had been raining for the last two days and I was told that these mobile installations were to warm the playground and the yellow color was due to the artificial sun. This facility can warm 700 sq m of the grass-plot at a time.

The Real Madrid Museum contains a wealth of treasures that will interest fans. Behind the glass are hundreds of cups and trophies, boasting of Real Madrid’s achievements. They take you back in time to share their earliest victories. The corridor is filled with a dazzling display of football cups and some of the trophies are almost as tall as I am!

Keep aside at least 30 minutes for the Real Madrid museum. Each section has detailed histories inscribed on the walls.

This display shows the evolution of the Real Madrid logo over time.

The rest of the museum consists of spacious rooms containing shirts, boots and photos of many of the team’s memorable moments. There are some unusual trophies on display here too.

The museum has a photo wall with pictures of every player who has ever played for Real Madrid. I wonder how many players aspire to see their photos on this wall.

The Presidential box or Balcony has the best view of the pitch. It is reserved for Real Madrid board members, important personalities and special guests. It is also the place where numerous Real Madrid captains have received the titles the team has won.

The view from the president’s box. At the edge of the pitch of this gigantic stadium I felt I was no bigger than an ant!

The dressing room! I stood here for a minute and tried to visualize the scene in this dressing room. How silent it was now! But it has witnessed heated strategic discussions, excitement, frustrations and arguments, during and after a game. I was told the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium has some of the most modern dressing rooms in the world.

After this, I came out from the players’ tunnel, out onto the edge of the pitch. It is the access point to the dugouts and the coaching area. Never in my life had I imagined that I would sit on a player’s bench of an international stadium!

The Santiago Bernabéu stadium has a Real Madrid shop, which is open from 10:15 – 21:00 without any breaks. The shop also has an official website detailing the merchandise that is available, including limited edition items. There are Real Madrid jerseys, tracksuits, boots, gloves, children’s clothes, footballs, trinkets and key rings — you are sure to find the ideal souvenir to commemorate your visit.

Did you enjoy this virtual tour of Real Madrid?

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