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My top 3 wines from Spain

When you think of wine, you might think of France, or possibly Italy, you might even think of the bold wines from the Americas. However some people think of Spain, which is, believe it or not, the world’s third biggest producer of wine! It offers wines that are as fruity, dry, rich, and diverse and the country that creates them.
Here are three of the wonderful wines from Spain.

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Spain’s most popular fizzy wine, Cava, is made in the Catalonia region which is where some of the oldest and most-respected vineyards can be found. I did not visit any vineyard for tasting purpose but have tasted Cava. This is a lovely, light and bubbly wine that is perfect for a celebration or as an upmarket accompaniment to local delicacies, like Tapas or patatas bravas (salted potatoes). If you’d like to have your Cava as part of a cocktail, order Agua de Valancia, a delicious drink which is made from Cava, vodka, gin and tasty Valencian oranges, which give it a refreshing and sweet taste.

One of the most famous of the Spanish reds, Rioja has been a popular export for generations. It is probably one of the most full-bodied and luxurious red wines made in Spain. The wine itself has had something of a makeover, with new generations of vineyards and grapes taking over to create beautiful, and never-tasted-before varieties that tourists will love. Try Izadi Crianza which comes from the Alavesa subzone and is a much more fruity version of this classic wine.

A white wine from the Basque region in the north of Spain, Txakoli combines zesty citrus and apple to create a crispy, fresh and really quite dry white wine. Also featuring shades of wild flowers, this wine is really popular with tourists and locals as an aperitif (drink before dinner) and it also comes in rose and red varieties too.
Booking a holiday to Spain is not just a great opportunity to relax, but also the perfect time to sample Spanish wine, either in restaurants, cafes, or getting started by picking up a few bottles at retailers like Tesco. So that when you do go to Spain you’ll know exactly what wines to sample, and which bottles to bring back!


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