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Museu de Lleida or Lleida Museum

If you are in Spain and if you are interested in art and history, you should not miss this museum in Lleida (pronounced as लरीदा or Lareeda. Museu de Lleida or Lleida Museum, is shortened and currently used name of the Diocesan and Comarcal Lleida Museum.
Best part is, if you can’t visit it, it’ll come to you. 🙂

Museu de Lleida
Created in1997, it has a variety of collections including Roman, Islamic, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art.

Museu de Lleida

The day I went to see this museum, there was a group of school children along with their teacher listening intently to their guide understanding the various coins from history. Later, sitting on a long table they were making their own mosaics as did the ancient Romans. The pieces & designs were provided from the souvenir shop of the museum.

The museum is spread over two floors but I was told that even this is not enough to showcase all the artifacts. The museum manages the archives of the diocesan collection with important artistic pieces from the region of Lleida which have been integrated into this Museum.

Museu de Lleida

Since the space in the museum is not enough, the Museum of Lleida also holds temporary exhibitions to compensate the limitations in display area. Besides promoting a modern museum’s functions of conservation, dissemination, and holding the importance of the collections, these exhibitions have served to publicize a significant number of the objects held in stores which await the new museum premises.

Museu de Lleida

The aim of Museum of Lleida is to offer its collections to the rest of the Catalan region and so they hold mobile exhibitions in neighbouring towns including Barcelona. Depending on the interests of prospective audiences, these exhibitions range from classic formats, e.g. Christmas at the Diocesan Museum, the Image of Pilgrims in Lleida, Women and Madonnas and Skin of Stone to more informative ones such as Chess and the Knight and A Laid Table. Sometimes the exhibitions are aimed at promoting the work of restoration with showcasing work restored at the Museum of Lleida.

My favourite among the showpieces was to going back in daily life of the common man with the help of paintings & sketches. How they used to live and how the grains were stored & used and what did they do when a person died.
I also liked the mosaic work very much.

Museum Lleida

The restored mosaic art. 🙂

Museu de Lleida

A typical scene of a village house … cooking, grinding, washing etc.

Museu de Lleida

Grains were stored in large sized pits dug in the earth. After filling up it was covered.

A wide array of gift items are available in the gift cum souvenir shop to enable the visitor to take home a memento of his/her visit to the Museum of Lleida. These items include reproductions and pieces inspired on some of the most art works of the exhibit and inspired by the building itself. Stationary, T-shirts, jewellery, ceramics, bags, books, and the list goes on.

Entry fee
Adults : 4 €
Children : 2,5 €
If you are in Lleida, don’t miss this museum.

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9 thoughts on “Museu de Lleida or Lleida Museum”

  1. The idea of a travelling museum is so good. i wonder why our very own museum doesnt come up with something similar… after all, we do have science trains going around the country already, it shdnt be too hard to have a museum express too 😀 but the museum is beautiful. i loved the first two artefacts you have posted.

  2. Super set of photos. I too feel the idea of a travelling museum is an innovative way to ensure people from all corners of the country get to see the artifacts. 🙂

  3. Anu,
    I guess in our country we are too busy with daily chaos of our life to think beyond the usual. I found it to be a wonderful idea to share things this way. It’ll be less expensive also.

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