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Montserrat, a serrated mountain

Montserrat, a serrated mountain

Montserrat was my last stop before proceeding to Barcelona for my flight back home and I was very happy to end my backpacking trip with this natural marvel. I highly recommend you to include this place in your itinerary.
Have you ever seen a mountain with a ‘human’ touch? A mountain that reminds you of ‘being’ human?
Montserrat mountain in Catalonia Spain is just that.


Hundreds of humans standing snugly. They even have names !

Spain is full of natural wonders and surprises. While there is a salt mountain in Cardona extruded from water, in Montserrat we have serrated and barren pinnacles of sandstone erupted from the mountain’s base.

Known to the Romans as Mons Serratus (Saw-Toothed Mountain) and to the Catalans as Montsagrat (Sacred Mountain), it is famous for its unusual eroded multi-peaked appearance.


Looks like the army of straight rocks are protecting the museum!

Montserrat offers a rich and varied landscape. It has one of Spain’s foremost museums, a unique natural park and the site of the shrine is dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, a Black Madonna.

You’ll find many beautifully carved large sized sculptures waiting to tell you stories of that era.

church montserrat
The church itself is ornate and beautiful. Popular among Catalans and Catholic pilgrims, Black Madonna has an interesting story and is worshipped by numerous pilgrims, who attribute many miracles to her credit. I’ll tell you the story in a separate post.

boy's choir montserrat
The Escolania, Montserrat’s Boys’ Choir, is based at the Benedictine abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat and is one of the oldest in Europe. Their performance is open to public every Sunday and your visit to Montserrat is considered incomplete if you don’t experience it.
I can’t explain you how packed the place was to hear those young boys!


Can you tell me what it is? 🙂 Can we please have some of these in India as well?

view from my window montserrat

I was staying in the monastery and the view from my window was very pleasing.

funicular montserrat

On the Funicular to Sant Joan. You can also hike to the top.

view from upper hill montserrat
View from the top. How beautifully the tiny place is nestled in the mountains. From Sant Joan almost all of Catalonia can be seen and I was told, on a clear day the island of Majorca is also visible.

It was well past seven, when I went up to this landmark at the edge of the mountain to have this splendid view of the surrounding. I could see small hamlets in the plains, bizarrely shaped rocks and the river Llobregat flowing quietly. It was very cold and windy when the black clouds decided to hover and then shower.


From a distance, the mountain looks very strange because of its rock formations. I clicked it from the train.

You can see more photos of the place on Facebook here.

The Montserrat mountain is one of the most popular day excursions from Barcelona but I would suggest at least a night’s halt to enjoy the place as I did. It is a great way to escape the hustles and bustles of the city.

How to get there – You can take a train from Plaça Espanya in Barcelona till Monistrol Central which is at the foot of Montserrat mountain. The last part of the train journey is either by the Cable Car (Aeri) or the Rack Railway (Cremallera). I took the Cremallera because I was running late and the last cable car for the day had already left.
The Espanya rail station is on the green and red metro lines making it very accessible from any part of Barcelona city centre that has a metro stop.
To go to Barcelona, there are daily flights from Mumbai by SWISS air which go via Zurich and Turkish Airlines which go via Istanbul.

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19 thoughts on “Montserrat, a serrated mountain”

  1. I have never heard of such mountain. looks so bizarre. Did you touch those rocks?

    Your posts on Spain are intriguing. Looking forward to more.

  2. Shreya,
    I had heard about these mountains and that is how I wanted to end my trip. 😀

    The rocks are very straight. I saw many people climbing it too.

  3. This is really amazing..when i went it was raining n so very breezy.. spent about 2hrs up there

    But u stayed must have been a gr8 experience

  4. Pushpa,
    It was the same when I went there…. raining & windy. That’s why my shots aren’t that bright. Next day it was sunny for few moments though.

  5. Milleniums
    of wars, crusades,
    with a few centuries of
    and sometimes democratic peace,
    and they stand,
    their optimism
    gently eroded
    year after year
    by events triggered
    by money, color, religion,
    and extensive greed.

    Boiling lava frustrations
    amidst the rocky tissues
    they dare not
    explode out
    in helpless anger
    or fall apart…..

    They can
    protest en masse,
    standing cheek by jowl,
    in geriatric attention,
    leaning on each other
    the blue and white
    which has been
    a witness all along….

  6. Wow, great architecture! really just a wonderful heritage site! looks amazing to visit. the interior area of the church is glorious.
    thanks for sharing.

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