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Donkey Taxi in Mijas

Donkey Taxi in Mijas

The first thing you hear about the little vibrant, beautiful white town Mijas (pronounced as Mikhas) is about Donkey Taxis. You can see them nicely decorated and carrying tourists through the alleys, streets and small squares of Mijas.

donkey taxi mijas

A donkey moment errr.. monument! 😛

Burro (or donkey) Taxi has become an icon of Mijas. It is one of Mijas’ best-known and most effective tourist attractions. Actually, your trip to Mijas is considered incomplete without a donkey ride. 😛

You must be wondering why donkey.

It so happened that in 1960s traders or workers used to bring marbles and other articles on donkeys, rest for the night at Mijas and start the business next day again. When the tourists noticed these donkeys, they were so fascinated that they paid the workers to let them take pictures with donkeys so that they could keep them as a special memento.
Some tourists even asked these rural workers to let them take a ride in exchange for a generous tip. More often than not, the tip was higher than their wages!

This became so popular that the workers started spending more time taking visitors on their donkeys than doing what they were supposed to do.

donkey taxi mijas

A donkey trailer at rest.

There are around fifty registered donkeys in Mijas. They even have special parking areas on La Peña Avenue.

The donkeys are fed Carrots, fruits, and of course hay. They are generally calm but once in a while they go out of control. 😉

Tip:- 15 Euros for a 20 minute ride.

Burro (noun) = donkey
Burro (adjective) = dumb (गधा) Do you see any similarity with Hindi here? 😀

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  1. Wow! This is too good!

    How many times do I tell you that you bring such interesting stuff that I keep looking for your posts. 😀

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Prasad,
    Ha Ha… When we reached there, we didn’t have much time to go on donkey ride. Else you would have definitely seen me on a donkey. 😀

  3. Balaka,
    Welcome to my blog and Thank you.

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  4. Bikramjit,
    Absolutely! I have seen, in foreign countries they have so much fun around them with smaller things and here we are confined to our “what’ll people say”, and “somebody will mind it” etc.

    Time to change our attitude towards life. 🙂

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