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Ideal 3 Days Vienna Itinerary for the First Time Visitor

things to do in vienna St Stephens church

Vienna for Newbies!

Vienna, the largest city on the River Danube, has been variously called, and quite aptly too, as the city of dreams, the city of music and even city of dances. We, at Lemonicks, also call it the city of art and culture. With this small introduction in place let us dive deep to see what a first-time visitor’s 3 days Vienna itinerary looks like. Mind you Vienna, the city of Freud and Mozart, cannot be covered in 3 days in full so we have for you the most important places to visit, just to get a feel of the place, at the same time adding things to do which would break the monotony of visiting one museum after the other. 

The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.

Karl Kraus, Writer, Journalist, Poet from Austria
3 days vienna itinerary belvedere garden
Belvedere Garden, Vienna

We have purposely kept the evenings free for you to enjoy, as per your tastes. There are an ample number of  fine dining restaurants, clubs, concerts, ball (as in dancing), operas and so on. If you plan to visit a Viennese Ball, make sure dressed for the occasion. They are all formal black-tie affairs for men and flowing formal dresses for women. I was told that Indian ladies are allowed to wear a Sari at some of these events! Hey there, are you listening?! 🙂 🙂

No wonderJohann Strauss 2 wrote this famous waltz composition,  An der schönen, blauen Donau (On the Beautiful Blue Danube)

We also strongly suggest getting a 3 day Vienna Pass for EUR 125 to match the 3 Days Vienna Itinerary, which allows you to enter 60 attractions free of cost and all types of public transport is also free. For Detailed costs and benefits, click here. 

There are a zillion museums in Vienna. So we have distributed the most important ones evenly on all 3 days.

Day 1 of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary

Let us get the important palace-museum-president’s office out of the way to kick start 3 Days Vienna Itinerary!

Hofburg Palace (Schloss Hofburg)

Vienna is known for its palaces, big and small, but all of them beautiful. It may be owned by the ruling members or maybe by the kings and princes of other states.

things to do in vienna 3days itinerary for first timers
Liechtenstein Palace, Vienna

The beautiful imperial Hofburg Palace is not just a palace. It is perhaps one of the biggest palace complexes in the world. Some parts of the complexes are dated as early 14th century! Eventually successive Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Emperors and empresses improved and expanded it to what it is now. This was the seat of Habsburg Empire till 1918 when the empire ended after the first world war.

Now it is home to several museums and the famous Spanish Riding School. A part of it now houses, fittingly, the office of the President of Austria.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Ideal 3 Days Vienna Itinerary for the First Time Visitor
Ideal 3 Days Vienna Itinerary for the First Time Visitor 19

Sisi Museum , named after Queen Elisabeth (fondly called Sisi), is a not to be missed museum. Sisi museum, housed in Stephen’s Apartment, exhibits her personal artifacts which helps to take a glimpse at her persona. It is important to mention here that she was adjudged as the “Most Beautiful Queen in all of Europe”, for several decades in running. It is also said that her waist was only 16 inches. Oh, boy, Don’t we all want to get close to that!.

There is also the Silver Collection Museum, exhibiting the silverware used by the Royal household and the Art Gallery of some beautiful paintings.

Opening Times9:00AM to 5:30PM – every day from September to June
9:00AM to 6:00PM from July to August.
Ticket PriceAdult – 15 EUR, Child – EUR 7.50 ; Free with Vienna Pass
How to ReachU-Bahn – U3 Orange lIne; Herrengasse Station
Tram – 1, 2, 71, D ; Burgring stop
Bus – 1A , 2A ; Hofburg stop
TipsTicket office may close a bit earlier.
Desist from taking big bags and luggage.
There is no luggage store.
Time Needed1 to 2 hours depending on your interest.
Phone #+43 1 533 90 31

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Spanish Riding School ( Spanische Hofreitschule )

Spanish Riding is located at the Hofburg Palace Complex itself. It is home to the finest breeding and riding culture during the times of Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The world famous Lipizzan or Lipizzaner breed of horses can be seen performing at the Spanish Riding School. This is one of the top riding schools where they still teach the classic style of horse riding. If you are lucky you can catch morning exercises of the beautiful white stallions, if you are early.

It is indeed a wonderful sight to see the horses move to rhythm of music.

Opening Times9:00AM to 4:00PM – every day
Morning Exercises
10:00AM to 12:00PM on Tuesday to Friday
Ticket PriceAdult – 15 EUR, Child – EUR 7.50 ; Free with Vienna Pass
How to ReachU-Bahn – U3 Orange lIne; Herrengasse Station
Tram – 1, 2, 71, D ; Burgring stop
Bus – 1A , 2A ; Hofburg stop
TipsTicket office may close a bit earlier.
Desist from taking big bags and luggage.
Time Needed1 hour
Phone #+43 1 533 90 31

Cafe Sacher   

It is now time for some Viennese coffee and cakes. Coffee and Cakes is seeped in to the culture of Vienna. Not only that , a visit to Vienna is not complete , if you don’t have the world famous and immensely popular original Sachertorte. and that too at the place where it originated, at Cafe Sacher.

It is said that in early 19th century Prince Metternich, wanted to surprise his guests with a new dessert. As luck would have it, the main Chef fell ill and a young apprentice of 16 named Franz Sacher, created this dessert, which was well received and relished. 🙂

It was much later he opened his cafe and wine shop in Vienna. The current form and recipe of Sachertorte was, however, created by his son Eduard. There were a few legal issues , but we are not interested , are we?

Cafe Sacher is located right opposite the State Opera House and is just about half-a-kilometer from Hofburg.

Opening Times8:00AM to 00:00AM (midnight)
How to ReachU-Bahn – U3=2 Purple lIne; Wien Karlplatz Station
Tram – 2 ; Kärntner Ring. Oper stop
Time Needed1 hour
Phone # +43 1 51456661

Hundretwasser Village

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian born Architect and artists, was a non conformist and did not believe in straight lines in buildings and liked to experiment. All his buildings carry the stamp of his maverick personality, if I may say so.

things to do in vienna Hundretwasser Village vienna
Hundretwasser Village, Vienna, Trees on the roof .

His most popular building is the apartment block named after him, the Hundertwasserhaus , in Vienna. When we visited it we could see why he was considered a maverick. Built in 1983 , this houses 53 apartments, a roof of earth and greenery and wait…. There are trees growing through the apartments and branches hanging out of windows. There are over 200 trees and bushes in and on the building.

This became such a big tourist attraction with millions visiting every year, he built a series of buildings, cafes and shops around it for the tourists to be able to enjoy the ambiance for a longer time. He essentially built around the structures already present in the vicinity.

3 days vienna itinerary Hundretwasser Village
Crazy designs at Hundretwasser Village, Vienna

In his own words, “A real forest is emerging on the roof, certainly to the delight of the residents….and inside something like a winding, romantic, oriental bazaar, where you like to stay and don’t want to escape, “

Opening Times24 hours – every day
Ticket PriceFree
How to ReachTram – 1 ; Hetzgasse stop
Time Needed30 minutes to 1 hour

St Stephens Church & Mozart apartment

Stephansdom, as it is called in German, is one of the most iconic structure of Vienna with its multi-colored tiles on the roof. Current structure was built, in the 14th century, over the ruins of another church, which was apparently built 200 years earlier over a 4th century graveyard!

3 days vienna itinerary St Stephens church
St Stephens Cathedral, Vienna

At over 100 meters long and 40 meters wide , the St Stephens Cathedral is one of the biggest cathedrals in Austria. The two towers are conspicuously dissimilar. The South Tower is a massive 136M , built in the same style as the Cathedral and the North tower is just about half the size which seems to suggest either money or the time or both were constraints. North Tower was later completed in the renaissance period and looks as such.

things to do in vienna St Stephens church
St Stephens Cathedral, Vienna

The ornately colored tiled roof is a must see. A close look can be had by climbing to the top of the South Tower. There are many other areas inside and the Cathedral which are worth a visit, like the various decorated chapels, catacombs, the North Tower, which houses the huge 23 tonnes bell , fondly called the New Pummerin and other sculptures , paintings etc. Some of the areas are ticketed and if you wish to explore every nook and corner of St. Stephens Cathedral then, it is better to buy an all inclusive ticket.

Hey, don’t forget to take your selfie in front of Riesentor or the Giant’s Door, which is the main entrance.

If you are interested in the Church Museum, which houses precious church treasures, it is right next door.

Opening Times6:00AM to 10:00PM – Monday to Saturday
7:00AM to 10:00PM – Sundays and Public Holidays
Ticket PriceAll inclusive Adult – 16.90 EUR, Child – EUR 4.90 ; It Is NOT Free with Vienna Pass
The Dom Museum which is adjacent to the Cathedral is priced at EUR 12 but is free with Vienna Pass.
How to ReachU-Bahn – U1 or U3 Stephansplatz Station
Bus – 1A Stephansplatz U Stop
Time Needed1 to 2 hours depending on your interest.
Phone #+43 1 515 52 30 54

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Kunsthistoriches Museum or the Historic Art Museum

Habsburg Emperors and Empresses were compulsive obsessive collectors of Art in all forms. In order share the joy of collecting with the people of the empire, Emperor Franz Joseph built a magnificent museum which is now called Historic Art Museum or Kunsthistorisches Museum.

3 days vienna itinerary museum of historic art
Despite the rains , people are queuing up at the Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna

The exhibits span 5000 years , right from early Egypt to 20th century. It is veritable history of the world , in a way. You will see masterpieces by Bruegel, Dürer, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, Velázquez and Vermeer.

Do note that there is a Museum of Natural History right opposite and looks like a mirror image of Kunsthistoriches museum. You want to get to the right museum, right? 🙂

3 days vienna itinerary tower of babel (museum of historic art)
Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder at Kunsthistoriches museum
Opening Times10:00AM to 6:00PM – Friday to Wednesday.
10:00AM to 9:00PM – Thursdays
From September to May, the museum is closed on Mondays.
Ticket PriceAll inclusive Adult – 16.00 EUR (Free with Vienna Pass), Child – Free.
How to ReachU-Bahn – U2 or U3 Volkstheater  Station
Tram- D, 1, 2, 71 Burgring/Kunsthistorisches Museum Stop
Bus- 2A, 57A
Time Needed1 to 2 hours depending on your interest. It may take more time if you are an art person
Phone # +43 1 525 240

7th District , Neubau

Vienna’s 7th district is often called a well kept secret from the tourists!   Well, not anymore 🙂 🙂

Also called as , Neubau, has the distinction of being the smallest district of Vienna and a dubious distinction of being one of the most congested districts. When you walk towards Neubau from Kunsthistoriches Museum, you will pass by Museumsquartier with several , top class museums of Vienna, like the Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK -Museum Moderner Kunst ), Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle Wien, ZOOM Children Museum, Architekturzentrum Wien and several others. All these in an area of 90,000 SqM. You may mark this place for another day or visit.

This 19th century silk factory district is now a vibrant neighborhood and known for shopping and restaurants It will already be evening by the time you reach here as it is the last stop for the day. Nothing better than to call it a day at one of the trendy eating places.

Thus ends our day 1 of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary.

Opening TimesRestaurants are open till late
Ticket PriceNot Applicable
How to ReachSeveral buses and trams. Check the transport map.
Time Needed1 to 2 hours

Day 2 of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary

Schloss Schönbrunn (Schoenbrunn/Schonbrunn palace)

The Second day of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary may begin with Schloss Schönbrunn palace. It is a bit out of the way so better to finish it in the morning.

Schoenbrunn palace was the summer palace for the rulers of the house of Hapsburg and it is as beautiful as its name, which means a palace of beautiful spring! As per the guide the royal folks and other courtiers used to drink water from a cool spring, in the premises.

For those interested in architecture , this is constructed in late Baroque or Rococo style. There are more than 1400 rooms. However only about 40 – 50 rooms are open for public. The premises can be divided into several parts so that you may plan your visit time accordingly.

things to do in vienna Shonbrunn palace shoenbrunn
Schloss Schönbrunn , Vienna

The main building of Schloss Schönbrunn (Schoenbrunn palace)

A walk through the luxuriously decorated imperial apartments of Empress Marie Theresa and the later Emperor Franz and his wife Sisi (short for Elisabeth), is definitely worth seeing. Even going through the 40 odd rooms gives you the feeling the magnificence and a peek into their opulent lifestyle. Even the then French Queen , Marie Antoinette had a room here , as she was the sister of Maria Theresa. It is said Napoleon once stayed in this very room.

There are other notable rooms such as the banquet hall, Empress’ private salon , the breakfast room, nursery and many others.

Schönbrunn Park and Gardens

Schönbrunn Park and Gardens are spread over 500 acres! One can easily spend an hour or two here. To give an idea about the immense area, you can climb a small hill on the opposite of the park to a structure called Gloriette, a long arcaded structure built to commemorate the Battle of Kolin of 1757, and has an added purpose to provide a scenic view to the Empress. You can have a sweeping view of the palace, gardens and also of the city on the other side, while sipping coffee at the cafe.

3 days vienna itinerary Gloriette
Gloriette at Schloss Schönbrunn

On the way to Gloriette don’t forget to spend some time at the elaborate Neptune fountain. Entry to the garden and park is free of cost.

Schönbrunn Zoo (Tiergarten)

Yes! There is a zoo on the grounds! It is perhaps worlds oldest zoo and is home to more than 700 species even now. You might find some exotic koalas and pandas here.

Schönbrunn Maze

Close to zoo is the maze. Looks like this part of the park was meant for the royal children living on the premises. Now, of course, any one can visit. \

Schönbrunn Palm House (Palmenhaus)

If you have time after all the above , a quick visit to the Pal House is a must. It is a 2,500 SqM green house having over 40,000 plants.

Schönbrunn Grounds

If you have more time then a walk around the grounds with many fountains, statues and tree-lined pathways s sure to keep you cool.

There are also a Theater, the carriage museum, Children’s museum and Tyrolean garden to visit if time permits.

Opening Times9:30AM to 5:00PM – Monday to Sunday (the parks open a couple of hours before and closes a coupe of hours later.
Ticket PriceAll inclusive Adult – 22.00 EUR Free with Vienna Pass
Entry to the park and the grounds are free of charge. Zoo and Maze may cost a bit more so better to buy Vienna pass or a combined ticket.
How to ReachTram – 10 and 60 to Schloss Schönbrunn
Bus – 10A to Schloss Schönbrunn
Time Needed1 to 3 hours depending on your interest.
Phone #+43 1 811 13 239


The over 200 years old Naschmarkt is one of the biggest fruits and vegetables market in Vienna. This colorful and lively market also has stalls selling other foods, raw materials, even cafes and restaurants catering to all palates and is veritable haven for foodies. Great place to have lunch after a tiring Schonbrunn Palace tour.

things to do in vienna chesse seller at naschmarkt
Cheese seller at Naschmarkt vienna

If you can manage t, visit on a Saturday when there is also a flea market on the streets.

Opening Times6:30AM to 7:30PM – Monday to Friday
6:30AM to 5:00 PM Saturday
Ticket PriceFree
How to ReachU-bahn – U2 to Museumsquartier
U4 to Kettenbrückengasse
Time Needed1 to 3 hours depending on your interest.
Phone #+43 1 811 13 239

City Park (Stadtpark)

Stadtpark is over 150 years old and is one of the larger parks of Vienna and is located in the old city area. The river Wen bisects the park and is spread over more than 25 acres.

3 days vienna itinerary Johann Strauss 2
Statue of Johann Strauss 2 at Stadtpark (Xty park)

There are statues of prominent Austrian musicians, politicians, emperors etc. The most notable is the one of Johann Strauss, the musician who gave us the all time popular Blue Danube.

Great place to rest and stretch out after a long day.

Opening TimesRound the clock
Ticket PriceFree
How to ReachU-bahn – U3 to Stubentor
Tram – 2 to Weihburggasse
Time Needed30 minutes to 1 hour or more if you want to rest

Austrian Parliament Building, City hall for day and Evening view 

The area near parliament house, city hall (Rathaus), Burgtheater (Imperial Theatre) and Volksgarten is a great place to hangout and do some evening and night photography. You can also visit the City hall for a visit to its ballroom and other areas.

things to do in vienna rathaus cityhall townhall
Rathaus (City Hall), Vienna

All these buildings are quite photogenic and are architecturally different to one another. Volksgarten (Peoples Graden), was the first public park of Vienna and is 150 years old. This park opens out near Vienna Hofburg on the other side. Another highlight of the park is a larger than life of Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) sculpted out of white marble.

At the end of day 2 of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary grab an apfelstrudel or Apple Strudel, an Austrian delicacy at any of the cafe’s behind People’s park or Volksgarten.

Day 3 of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary

Schloss Belvedere

You may start the 3rd day of 3 Days Vienna Itinerary with a visit to yet another palace, the Belvedere. Belvedere s a complex of two palaces, the upper and the lower Belvedere and a garden in between. Even though the bigger and main palace is the Upper Belvedere , it was constructed after Lower Belvedere was completed. The oldest part is over 300 years old.

3 days vienna itinerary Belvedere
Belvedere , Vienna

Many rooms of both the palaces the rooms are converted to art galleries housing beautiful and priceless paintings acquired by the ruling family and quite many which are of a later date too. Perhaps one of the richest collection of priceless paintings. The most famous oil painting is the “Kiss” by Gustav Klimt and is said to have real gold, silver and platinum foils! Kiss is truly unmissable. If you are lucky you might fins another famous painting by Jacques Louis David. That of Napoleon on a rearing horse in his full regalia.

things to do in vienna kiss by klimt
The famous Kiss by Klimt at Belvedere, Vienna

Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling of the Marble room for the one of the finest example of ceiling paintings.

There may be temporary exhibitions of world renowned artists and sculptors. If interested then better to call them beforehand,

A walk in the immaculately manicured gardens is a must. It is on the same lines as those in Versailles.

Opening Times10:00AM to 6:00PM – Monday to Sunday (the parks open a couple of hours before and closes a couple of hours later.
Ticket PriceAdult – 16.00 EUR. Children under 19 free. for the upper Belvedere and 14.00 EUR for the lower Belvedere. Free with Vienna Pass. Gardens are free.
How to ReachTram – D Schloss Belvedere
Time Needed1 to 3 hours depending on your interest.
Phone #+43 1 795 570

Danube Tower Vienna (Donaturm Wien)

This is a 252 Metres tall tower constructed on the occasion of Vienna International Horticultural Show in 1964. The viewing gallery at 150 Metres give you a unparalleled view of Vienna.

Donaturm or the Danube tower is also the tallest structure in Austria. During Annual Donaturm race, the stairs are kept open for the participants 🙂 . (Only 750 steps)

Above the viewing gallery are two revolving restaurants which provides a great setting for an early dinner or a sun downer while watching the sky put out an excellent show of colors at sunset.

Opening Times11:30AM to 11:00PM – Monday to Friday , Saturday, Sundays and Holidays 10:00AM to 11:00PM
Ticket PriceAll inclusive Adult – 16.00 EUR. Children under 19 free. for the upper Belvedere and 14.00 EUR for the lower Belvedere. Free with Vienna Pass. Gardens are free.
How to ReachU-Bahn -U1 to Kaisermühlen VIC and walk for 1.5 KM
Bus – 20A / 20B to Arbeiterinnenstrandbad and walk for 5 minutes.
Time Needed1 to 2 hours or more if you are planning to have dinner
Phone #+43 1 263 35 72

The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel (Wiener Riesenrad)

How about a ride on the 120 years old Vienna Giant Ferris wheel (Wiener Riesenrad). Designed by British Engineers this was constructed in 1897! It was the third tallest at that time and became the tallest when the other two in the US and UK were demolished. It then became the tallest till Japan built its 85 M high giant Ferris Wheel 65 years later

Located in the Prater Park, this is a great hit with kids and adults both.

Don’t miss the museum tracing the 2000 years of Vienna as 360 degree panoramic wall murals at the ground level room.

Thus ends day 3 of 3 days Vienna itinerary.

Opening Times10:00AM to 10:00PM – All days
Ticket PriceAdult – 12.00 EUR. Children – 5 EUR
How to ReachU-Bahn -U2 to Praterstern
Time Needed1 hour
Phone #+43 1 7295430

Useful Information on 3 Days Vienna Itinerary


  • We have taken a ideal situation that you will have 3 days fully available for the “3 days Vienna itinerary”. If you have less than three days then the best would be to drop the palaces and museums.
  • Alternately if you want to spend 2 days in Vienna then it may be a good idea to follow our Day 1 and Day 2 of our 3 days Vienna itinerary and adjust accordingly.
  • If you have special requirements or need more information while visiting these sights, please do call on the number provided
  • We found that the best way to go around was to take the public transport, a combination of subway, trams and buses, which are reliable, frequent, quick and comfortable. Taking a cab is an option but you will end spending a lot more money and time. Self drive is almost a no-no. The very first time I went to Vienna drove ourselves and most of the time we were driving in circles looking for a parking space.
  • For public transport don’t forget to buy Vienna Card which provides you ample discounts on attractions.
  • Alternately you may buy Vienna Pass which includes entry to over 60 attractions and free use of public transport
  • Best time to visit Vienna is in the Summer but it is also the high tourist season. Be ready to tackle huge crowds. We think visiting the very touristy places, like Belvedere, Schonbrunn etc. in the morning is better.

Best time to visit Vienna

Vienna is beautiful all the year round and has something for the visitors during any season.

Summer is definitely the number one season when the sun is up and Vienna is quite bustling with visitors. Downside is , it could become too crowded and waiting time may increase.

Vienna in December weather, is equally good with as many visitors and is enchanting with its Christmas festivities. Please checkout the next couple of tips too! Spring and Autumn are always great seasons because of mild weather.

In terms of weather in Vienna, it is essentially a 365 days city , even in winter the lowest temperature is just a notch or two below zero degree. S

Vienna Christmas Markets (Wiener Weihnachtsmärkte)

Christmas in Vienna is quite special. In case you find yourself in Vienna during Christmas season then there are a few more activities you may consider and adjust your itinerary accordingly. We think the best thing to do in Vienna at Christmas would revolve around visiting the Vienna Christmas Markets. In fact most of the Christmas markets in Vienna are already in places you would be visiting as per the Itinerary.

The Christmas markets in Vienna are a place to go to at any time of the day but there is a lot more glitter, vibes and atmosphere in the evenings. These markets open from Mid November.

The big Chrismas Market is on the plaza in front of Rathaus (City Hall). The stalls surround the huge Christmas tree selling food , beverages, trinkets, Christmas souvenirs and other items related to the season. It is possibly the best Christmas Market in Vienna. If you have had enough of this then you may go to the park next door for more.

Schloss Belvedere, has a cute Christmas Market which you could cover when visiting the galleries here.

Similary Schoenbrunn Schloss has a huge Christmas tree and the market is more upmarket.

Other places of importance for Chrismas in Vienna are, Stephanplatz, Am Hof, Karlsplatz, Hofburg and several others. This is truly one of the best things to do in Vienna in December.

Merry Christmas and have a glass of Glühwein (Mulled wine) on our behalf!

Best area to stay in Vienna, Austria

There is no dearth of accommodations in Vienna, which caters to all pockets and all types of travelers. We suggest staying in and around the old city area which has the most of the attractions mentioned in the 3 days in Vienna itinerary above. Which translates to Vienna 1st District.

Places to stay in 1st district or Innere Stadt in Vienna

Alternately you may stay in District 7, Neubau, which has a lot of restaurants, cafes and galleries. All the attractions are still nearby or at the most a short tram-trip away.

Places to stay in 7th district, Neubau in Vienna

How to get to Vienna

By Air: Vienna International Airport is located about 20 KM from the city center. This airport has flights from and to almost all countries of Europe and many major cities of the world. From the Airport one can take the City Airport Train to reach the Wien-Mitte station or Vienna Centre. Please note that it is not the same as Vienna Central Station

By Train: Vienna, through its many train stations, is well connected to all parts of Europe. So if you are already in Europe then you may explore this option. Please check the prices of flights also. Many times the flight prices are cheaper than trains! Especially the long distance ones.

By Bus: Vienna, again, is well connected by buses from many parts of Europe and is by far the cheapest option, if time is not a constraint. Both the national bus service and several private bus lines service this city.

By Boat: Passenger boats are available on the River Danube. Personally, we think, you must use it only if you want to experience boat rides for short distances. If you must take the boat, then we suggest taking boat to Bratislava, Slovakia. The travel time is almost the same as train. 1 Hour.

Getting around Vienna

Vienna has one of the best public transport system in Europe. This makes it most suitable for tourists to visit places of interest in Vienna.

An extensive network of U-Bahn, Trams and buses make sure that all parts of this vast city are covered. You may buy single tickets for each journey but buying one of the many transport cards is more convenient and cheaper in the long run. Please check out Vienna Cards

For most value for money you should consider buy the Vienna Pass which is an integrated card that works on public transport and most of the attractions too.

Bicycles is also a great way to explore the old city area.

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things to do in vienna 3 days itinerary for first timers

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