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Goa in Monsoon

Some said “you guys are crazy!”, Some others sniggered and sarcastically said “You sure will have some fun!” And yet others flaunted their superior knowledge and voiced “This is not the right time, you must go there in the Winter”.


Of course we know the

Bubbling Lake in Goa

Have you been here before? I am sure, you haven’t.

Once you are through with the beautiful beaches of Goa, a visit to the bubbling lake could be a change from the sun. Though Budbud Talli, as it is known locally, is called a lake, its small size suggests a tank.

bubbling lake goa

Bubbling lake is more a tank than a lake..

Deep inside the

Mario de Miranda

The moment I entered the hall, I jumped with joy. There it was!! On the walls, on the tables, spread across three halls. The famous cartoonist Mario Miranda’s work!

mario miranda goa

Mario Miranda’s books on different themes.

Mario Miranda, one of the most

Going Bananas !

Recently there was a furore in sections of print and non-print media about India being a Banana Republic and People of India being mango-people. Well, whatever be the truth, Mango or no-mango, it is always a great fun going bananas in the sea. 😀

Scene is set in Calangute Beach, Goa. There are plenty of activities to be done. Para-Sailing in the sea, inflatable of many shapes and sizes tied to boats etc. What took my fancy was this long inflatable contraption tied to a boat. There were sitting places and handles to hold but no harness.

going bananas ride

A banana is being checked before going into the water.

“What is this?” I asked.
“This is Banana Ride, Ma’am”, Said the guy.

I wanted