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Chandigarh, any French Connection?

Chandigarh, any French Connection?

All cities in India (also in the world), save a few, have evolved from one or more villages. Their strategic location made economic progress and acted as a magnet for people from other habitats to grow into a metropolis.
Mind you, not all the villages and towns end up (read grow up) into cities…fortunately. 🙂
On the other hand, a few cities are built from scratch.

Chandigarh is one such city. The city was originally envisaged to be the capital of Punjab but eventually, after the birth of Haryana ended being the capital of Haryana as well.
I think this is the only city in the world that is the capital of two different (also too different! ) states. The initial plan of the city was done by an American and completed by Le Corbusier, a swiss born French architect and town planner. The French connection, unfortunately, ends here.

rock garden chandigarh

Figures made of glass bangles at Rock garden.

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