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Soul de Ebro

Soul de Ebro (The Soul of the Ebro)

They wanted an icon for the town. A symbol, to be called the soul of the famous river by which the town was situated. The river was the longest in the country and its importance was well known to all.

The world famous sculptor from the same country was invited to make an extraordinary icon. When the final work came out at the cost of half a million Euros; disappointed, they felt, it was difficult to identify it as an allegory of the river.

soul de ebro zaragosa

So the sculpture was not

Montserrat, a serrated mountain

Montserrat, a serrated mountain

Montserrat was my last stop before proceeding to Barcelona for my flight back home and I was very happy to end my backpacking trip with this natural marvel. I highly recommend you to include this place in your itinerary.
Have you ever seen a mountain with a ‘human’ touch? A mountain that reminds you of ‘being’ human?
Montserrat mountain in Catalonia Spain is just that.


Hundreds of humans standing snugly. They even have names !

Spain is

Segway in Spain

Segway in Spain

On a bright sunny day in Tarragona we wanted to have some fun. And how?
We attempted Segway-ing and I fell in love with it…. instantly and literally. 😀


That’s me riding my Segway along the beach.

The more formal name is Segway PT (Segway Personal Transporter). It is a self balancing two wheeled electric powered

Zaragosa, a windy town

Today early morning (started at 5:30 AM) we headed to Barcelona airport. Saying Goodbye is always a difficult task but had to do it to my new friends who were going back to India.

After that started my ‘Me’ time…. solo travel in Spain. Took a Renfe train for Zaragosa. During the one & half hour journey the train got delayed by 2 minutes and the announcer was profusely apologizing for it. Quite unheard of it in India? 😛

zaragosa windy town

The cabs in this little town

Sizzling Spanish Getaways

There is much more to Spain than the mainland !

Seriously! When I think of the time I spent in Spain, it makes me feel so incomplete. I must admit, it wasn’t enough. Such a beautiful country with so many hidden gems. I wanted to go many other towns which I had heard or seen in only photos. I have been dreaming of Canary Islands since long, much before than I even started blogging !

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Sizzling Spanish Getaways

So, if you’re looking for a

Delicious Yemas de Ávila

Delicious Yemas de Ávila

As a traveller I always try to taste as much local food as possible. Whichever country we are in, the local food tells us so much about the place… some history, availability of certain raw products in the region, weather conditions, or simply the reason for it being made or produced there. So has done Yemas de Ávila ! Or by its other name Yemas de Santa Teresa.

I have a big sweet tooth and when it comes to sweets trust me I simply can not resist them. So, when I was told that Yemas is a famous delicious sweet dish from the medieval walled city of Ávila, I was drooling again!

yemas in Avila

Round, orange sprinkled sugar, its delicacy is unsurpassed.

Yemas de Ávila or Ávila egg cake refers to what must be one of the best known Spanish confectionaries. The origin of this confectionary is not very clear but it was first commercialized and distributed as Yemas de Santa Teresa.
The interesting story is that

Looking back at 2012

Looking back at 2012

Another year has passed and it’s time to look back and take stock, time to update the set of to-dos, time to see how was the year 2012 for me in terms of travel and otherwise.

As I always say, I count my memories, not the places and I am happy that my travel memories are far more & better than the destinations. Some road trips, some train journeys and a few flights took me places almost every month. I made some new friends, consolidated my bond with old ones.
I also moved to a new place.

Apsara dance

This was also the year when

The seductive Flamenco dancers

The seductive Flamenco dancers

I try hard to look into her eyes every time she turns towards me, but I can not. Her movements are fast, very fast. Should I look at the expression in her eyes and face or should I look at her feet tapping merrily on the beat of hand clapping and the song? One more time she swirls gracefully holding her long skirt. It has lace and layers of ruffles. Sometimes she just flicks it in style. If she does not do it, then the ankle length skirt is long enough to make her trip and fall over.

flamenco dancer

Her costume reflects the