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Overland Border Crossing

Overland Border Crossing

How do you feel being at the border of two countries?

Not just flying into a country but being able to see the other side, the other country and its land from this side?
Most times travel to foreign involves flying into that country. But after so many years of travelling I find it quite boring. Of course, it is still the most preferred way as it saves time and may be other hassles that I’ve talked about earlier.
For me it is always intriguing when I cross borders overland where I can stand on a no-man’s land and where the territories are marked by welcoming gates if not any other.

Following are a few of the borders crossed (or almost crossed) overland, by road or by train. Some of the European borders mentioned are before the formation of Schengen.

Shankaracharya gate.jpg

Shankaracharya gate, Indo-Nepal border.

India – Nepal: We had consciously decided

Golden Beaches and Secluded Coves of Cyprus

Golden Beaches and Secluded Coves of Cyprus

Back to one of my favourite topics. The Mediterranean region. 😀

I remember once I was given an opportunity to fly to a Mediterranean island which is supposed to be in part Europe and part Asia. This was going to be pure work. On hearing the name of the country, I had refused. It was fashionable to work only in US, West Europe and some other countries. Working in a small island in the medi was not considered at all.

Things have changed now. I don’t mind exploring Cyprus which is now fully part of the European Union.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Golden Beaches and Secluded Coves of Cyprus

Horse shoe beach

Vacation in Cyprus, situated close to

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Casino! This word generally conjures up images from Las Vegas. The glittering lights and world famous shows, not to mention the best gambling and gaming dens.

Gambling probably is as old as civilization itself. My Indian friends may remember the events that lead to the Kurukshetra War (as per Mahabharata).
I do believe that gambling and games are quite related. In fact any activity that has the tendency to have an uncertainty in their result is a potential candidate for gambling. These days we have people betting on results of any game or sport.

First time I entered a casino was in Nepal. Back then, rules were strange there. Locals were not allowed inside ! Anyway, we made some money and lost some, all in all we were in plus! It was enjoyable and we were amused to see a lot of people enjoying losing money. 😉

Second time it was even more enjoyable since I lost much money ! It was in

Baarle : A unique town in two countries

Hi, why don’t you come over to Belgian side of the bar”. I overheard this sentence a few years back in a small town. Was the speaker joking? His tone was serious enough.

For quite sometime I have been trying to come up with a way to explain this weird town on this earth which I visited a few years back. It is something like ‘a child belonging to two mothers’. And none of them is a step mother.

Okay, let’s try.


It is a Dutch town in the Netherlands. But it is also a Dutch town in Belgium.
It is a Belgian town in Belgium and is also a Belgian town in the Netherlands.

I hope you are not confused as yet. 😀
Some more ?

Baarle-Hertog Vs Baarle-Nassau

It is a piece of Belgian land completely encircled by Netherlands and vice versa.

Holidaying in Turkey during festivals

Holidaying in Turkey during festivals

Off late I have been reading a lot about Turkey and enjoying Turkey during festivals is high on my list. Did you know Turkey is one of the very few countries in the world which span across 2 continents, Europe and Asia ? Turkey is vast and its expanse boasts of awesome landscapes and natural wonders surrounded by different seas. It is as great a destination for relaxing beaches on its Mediterranean and Aegean coasts as for some of the world’s most magnificent ancient monuments, not to mention about the mouth watering national cuisine and the numerous festivals making Turkey holidays firm favourite with visitors of all ages.

Also, Istanbul, the capital city, has been nominated as European capital of culture for the year 2010.

Among the many annual festivals it boasts of, I am more interested in Camel Wrestling Festival in Selçuk. It is similar to Spanish bullfights, the Italians cockfights or