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Top 10 holiday destinations in Asia

Asia is one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the world – and for very good reason. Offering travellers diverse cultures and awe-inspiring natural beauty, it is often hard to resist the temptation of holidaying in Asia. Holidaymakers will have the luxury of deciding whether they laze on the beach all day or trek some of the most famous landmarks around the globe. For some inspiring ideas for planning your next escape, check out our favourite holiday destinations in Asia.

Ubud, Bali – Experience the luxury of private villas, set amidst the lush Balinese rainforest, in the arts and music hub of this beautiful island. Browse the local markets to find hand crafted jewellery and traditional Balinese pieces.
Phuket, Thailand – The party capital of Thailand, Phuket never fails to attract a crowd. Affordable accommodation and cheap nightclubs make this destination a backpackers dream.

phuket party

Phuket : Party anytime, anywhere !

Thrills of underwater world

A lot of you must have wondered about what does the see look like from the inside. When one of my family members learnt scuba diving and brought wonderful photos and stories of underwater world from Thailand, I was sold to the idea.

Oceans and seas offer great, breathtaking views. Unless you go down under, you can not realize how fascinating the underwater world is. The attraction of those amazing colors, the wonderful living things and the feel of being at sea bed makes you want to spend more time there… even if your oxygen cylinder indicates the opposite. 😀
Do you remember the photo below?

underwater world

The fascinating life & colors of underwater in Thailand.

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