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Yoga in Israel

We all know that yoga practice has become an international language but when I went to Israel, I didn’t know Yoga would be so popular in the country. To my surprise, Israel has become one of the largest centers of Yoga asana practices in the world. Let us take a look into Yoga in Israel.

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Tel-Aviv is the most popular but Jerusalem and Haifa are not far behind in offering a wide choice of studios which host international Yoga teachers throughout the year. Israel welcomes people from all over the world to practice as part of a trip or as a special journey to study yoga … in a different environment altogether.

Looking back at Year 2014

Looking back at Year 2014

I know it’s so cliche to reflect back on the year that was, but it’s something we all think is important to do. It is that time again to look back and see how enriching our walk has been. These walks, these journeys opened a new horizon in front of me and helped me see the world with diverse perceptions.
As I always say, I count my memories, not places and I am happy that my travel memories are far more and better than the destinations.


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A Jaunt around Jaffa

A jaunt around Jaffa

It is late afternoon and the sun is killing, despite a strong Mediterranean breeze, as we walked the couple of hundred metres from our hotel to the railway station Jaffa (yafo in Hebrew). Yes, Jaffa also has a railway station (Ha Tachana), which is however defunct now. Frankly, I didn’t have an inkling about this railway station until now. I do not read about the places before visiting them and let them surprise me. So, this is a nice surprise. 🙂


In its heyday the railway station was used to transport 1000s of pilgrims to Jerusalem. Now used as a place for people to come together in the evenings and also as a shopping and an entertainment centre. There are hardly any vehicles in the car park now, but would gradually fill to the brim by the time the Sun sets.

View of Walled city of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus. Dome of rock

First Impression of Israel

Our First Impression of Israel

Sitting in my hotel in Jerusalem, I ponder upon what is my first impression of Israel. From the outside, this country of conflicts and controversies poses a kind of insecurity to people who want to visit it. I too had my apprehensions.

tel aviv

1. Not so conservative – Living thousands of kilometers away and hearing all kinds of news, I always thought Israel would be very conservative. In fact, barring one, all the dresses and tops I packed were long skirts, trousers or tops with with long sleeves . Tel Aviv, our first city, made us change our views, very quickly. It looks like any modern society of the world, though it is conservative in its own sense.

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