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Largest Tricycle in the World

Largest Tricycle in the World

Have you seen the largest tricycle in the world ? Not just a showpiece but a working one which you can ride also ?

largest tricycle in the world

One staff member went up and in fact rode it for a while.

The tricycle is 41 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 3 tons with the wheel diameter of 17 feet. It is 37 feet 4 inches long. The Tricycle is powered by the pedal, chain sprockets and gears.

K Sudhakar, brainchild of

The year that was.. 2009

The year 2009 is gone. It was satisfying as far as travel is concerned. Except for one or two, all places were new to me. Not many to count but observed and learnt a lot during the course.
And all these trips were personal trips, not work related.

It was Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule to begin with. Temples, forts and beaches greeted us with stories of their own.

Then it was Bangaluru. solo trip. Somehow I felt more uncomfortable in going