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Top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi

Top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi

As I mentioned earlier, there are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag of ‘largest’, ‘fastest’ etc.
May I add ‘weirdest’ and ‘smartest’ as well? In my opinion, Abu Dhabi is the hub of strange and interesting buildings.
Have a look.

1. Al-Bahr Twin Towers
abu dhabi pineapple building

Pineapple anyone? 😛

abu dhabi pineapple building

Shades half open.

Al-Bahr Twin Towers – With the hot desert sun always a bother in Abu Dhabi, its striking Al Bahr Towers, with exotic pineapple and honeycomb design, has come up with a solution. Depending on the position of the Sun and heat the shades, around 2000 of them, are opened or closed automatically to keep the sun off the glass building as it moves across the sky but also let in daylight. These twin towers has won many international awards.

2. Capital Gate –
abu dhabi capital gate building

Capital Gate – Forget about leaning tower of Pisa, this skyscraper is an answer to that. Affectionately nicknamed the ‘leaning tower of Abu Dhabi’, it is an architectural marvel. It has been specially designed to lean at an angle of 18 degrees and stands 160m tall. Part of the building is a five star hotel with almost 200 rooms and suites. All provide stunning views of the city, with their floor to ceiling windows.

3. Etihad Towers –
Etihad towers

Etihad Towers – Etihad Towers consists of five towers, standing on a multi level podium-base, which is located above four levels of basement car parking. It is a world-leading luxury multi functional development center. Out of five towers, three are residential having apartments from one bedroom to penthouse.
The tallest tower is 76 storeys which places Etihad Towers in one of the super-tall buildings.

4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque –
abu dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque This beautiful, whitewashed mosque is one of the top attractions in Abu Dhabi. It is the eighth largest mosque in the world and the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. At full capacity it can accommodate more than 40,000 people. To go with the main concept ‘unite the world’, the artisans and materials were used from a variety of countries, including India, China, New Zealand, Morocco and the UAE.

5. Ferrari World –
abu dhabi ferrari world

Ferrari World – Ferrari World is the largest indoor amusement park in the world! The only Ferrari branded theme park in the world, with 20 Ferrari inspired rides. The iconic roof of Ferrari World modeled after the side profile of a Ferrari GT is the largest ever created. It could fit 7 basketball courts.
It also has world fastest Roller coaster Formula Rossa at 240 KMs per hour! Of course I did it. 🙂

6. Emirates Palace
abu dhabi Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace – This was constructed as a palace for the Sheikh. Once it was complete, he thought it was too small for him to shift, so he ordered the construction of another one. Now this palace is a hotel run by luxury hotel Kempinski group.
Let us see how small this Emirates Palace is. 🙂
It occupies 850,000 sq m of floor space. Underground parking has space for 2500 vehicles. The building has its own marina and helipad. The Emirates Palace is the second most expensive hotel ever built, only after Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It is surrounded by more than 200 acres of stunning gardens, and on top of that boasts its own private beach. The suites are fitted with marble and gold. I have more photos of this palace, will share with you on Facebook.

7. Yas Viceroy Hotel
abu dhabi yas hotel building

Yas Viceroy Hotel I want to meet the team who has built this. It is the first hotel in the world to be built over an F1 race circuit! Set half on land and half on water, Yas Viceroy connects by a steel and glass link bridge to both Yas Marina Circuit and the Yas Marina Yacht Club. It consists of two twelve story hotel towers, one within the race circuit and another placed in the Marina.
This also means you can come in your yacht, park it and directly enter the reception & lobby to check in. How cool is that?

top 8 Interesting buildings of Abu Dhabi abu dhabi yas hotel building

The shades at Yas Hotel

8. Coin Building or Aldar headquarters
abu dhabi coin building

Doesn’t it look like a coin? 😀

Coin building or Aldar headquarters – Check out this coin! The headquarters of Aldar, is a rather successful real estate company. It is the first circular skyscraper in the world, and looks like a giant, glass coin on the Abu Dhabi skyline. An extraordinary feat of engineering, it is an iconic upon completion and truly. Unsurprisingly it has picked up numerous international architecture awards, one of which was ‘Best Futuristic Design’.

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  1. Nisha, Loved this post. Most of the time people do not often see the man made beauty of the place.. Usually nature is always on the first priority. You have crafted great architectural story and well thought post of Abu Dhabi.Are all these pictures yours ? As some has name and some dont ? So usually when you visit place, do you think what all post are you going to write accordingly plan! My fav has always been Ferrari World .But Story of Viceroy and Emirates are really mesmerizing .

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