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The Abu Dhabi Trip

The Abu Dhabi trip came as a surprise to me. To talk of modern technology, I was contacted through Whatsapp since I was traveling. I asked a few questions and only when I confirmed my participation, they sent me a formal invite. 🙂

Coming to the trip, it was beyond my expectation. It was my first visit to Abu Dhabi, so I was looking forward to see the gem of desert. And it surprised me no end!

abu dhabi grand mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

There are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag of “largest”, fastest” etc. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is no different. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was built to be a monument of great stature. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and one of the largest in the world, with capacity of 40,000 people. It also has the world’s largest chandelier, the world’s largest single piece of carpet and so on. More on the mosque later.

Abu Dhabi

Patients are waiting in OPD for their turn. 😛

However, the personal highlight of the trip was Falcon Hospital which pushed The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to 2nd position. I had never heard of such hospital and was very impressed with the infrastructure. This is world’s first and largest Falcon hospital. I wrote a detailed article on this here.

al ain Abu Dhabi

Al Ain was another beauty by which I was smitten. Literal meaning is “The Spring” and it is also known as the Garden City due to its greenery. The temperature, they say, is 2-3 degrees less compared to Abu Dhabi which I could also feel. The oasis, the palace museum, Al Jahili Fort … it was difficult to move away from the history.

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi

Another thrilling experience was in the Ferrari World. Riding the world’s fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa reconfirmed my liking for adventure activities. There were some other cool rides as well. 🙂

golf course Abu Dhabi Trip

Saadiyat Golf course was another surprise for me. How on earth can you have such greenery in the middle of a desert?? How much effort and money goes into maintaining such a vast property? The questions kept coming to me. Abu Dhabi Golf Club features 27 Championship holes of golf, over 162 hectares of land.

market Abu Dhabi

Then comes visits to different local markets, one of my favourite subjects. And attending Iftaar party for Ramadan in Emirates Palace… I couldn’t have asked for more.
If you say, it is similar to Dubai, I can say yet so different!

P.S.- This was just a glimpse of what I experienced in Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned for details. 🙂

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