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Thrills of underwater world

A lot of you must have wondered about what does the see look like from the inside. When one of my family members learnt scuba diving and brought wonderful photos and stories of underwater world from Thailand, I was sold to the idea.

Oceans and seas offer great, breathtaking views. Unless you go down under, you can not realize how fascinating the underwater world is. The attraction of those amazing colors, the wonderful living things and the feel of being at sea bed makes you want to spend more time there… even if your oxygen cylinder indicates the opposite. 😀
Do you remember the photo below?

underwater world

The fascinating life & colors of underwater in Thailand.

Since I liked it so much, I thought that I might as well have alive is awesome bathing experience under the surface as well.

After the dos & don’ts I was game.
Fortunately for me, I did my dives in a relatively shallow area, so I could actually see the sea bed ! It was incredibly sandy, and all of it was very loose sand, so just swimming too close to the floor would reduce our already low visibility. The coral was incredibly colourful, and I got to see a lot of different fishes.


A sea horse trying to hide behind the corals.

All of it was so foreign and exciting that I got caught up in the moment and I made a grave mistake. I was breathing too hard underwater. I quickly realized that it is a LOT of water between me and the surface. Before it was too late, I was helped out to the surface by our instructor.


Touching seabed is a thrill in itself.

Thrills of underwater world

You’ll find yourself doing all kinds of acrobatics.

When I left the water, my oxygen tank was showing a reading of 20/200, whereas most of the other divers, some who were in the water for longer, had readings above 75!

Back on the deck it struck me. I was alive !! And I just had my alive is awesome bathing experience!

But diving isn’t an unsafe activity in any way, if you follow the rules that are laid down. Very first rule, no diver is ever supposed to dive alone; diving is always done in pairs. If done right, diving is a really safe and incredibly fun experience.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Thrills of underwater world”

  1. One hell of an experience… Both in beauty and then for breathing I must say!! Awesome are the pictures, awesome might be the feeling. I still wonder will I get a chance to do all such things in this one life 😀 … Hats off Nisha, I will surely be doing this very soon.

  2. Indeed, the experience under the sea is totally thrilling. I think, everyone should experience scuba diving at least once in their life time. Aquanauts offers an unique diving experience with their PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. It is designed for those who do not have a diver’s certificate, but who would like to experience scuba diving and explore the underwater world in a safe way.

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