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Making merry in the middle of La mer

Making merry in the middle of La mer
From time immemorial the vast expanse of water, that we call the sea, has held the human beings in awe. From then till now and I am sure into the future, our visits to the beaches or cruise on a boat will never stop. Such is the attraction of water.

I am no different. I love going to the beaches, I love cruises, I love island hopping boat rides.

I had signed for this much touted island hopping trip in Krabi on one of my solo trips to Thailand. Idea was to hop from one island to another after some time in each. You get the idea! 🙂

If you are short on time, this is the best way to see the best of these islands. Well, on the appointed day the van driver, a short lady, picked me up from my guest house and then went around town picking other passengers before parking at the dock.
It was very well organized, as usual… something I quite don’t see in India. We had our lunch on the second island and spent lazing around. A few passengers were playing beach volley and football. I was busy taking their pictures. 😉
Soon we left for the third island. I could visualize the beautiful scenery from far. Every passing minute we were closer when all of a sudden the boat stopped near a huge rock formation. The engine was not running anymore. All of us thought that the boat had developed a snag when the guide said that this was a scheduled stop.

“You can jump off the boat and have fun”. After initial hesitation people jumped from the deck one by one. Naïve that I was, thought it was a hopping trip not a jumping trip! Some had decided to swim, some snorkeling. Somehow I saw that all except me were geared up for some kind of a water activity. 🙁

I was destined to click only pictures. But they say, there is always a blessing in disguise. On the other side of the boat I spotted three people having the time of the life with beer in their hands in the middle of the sea !!

Making merry in the middle of La mer

This was not a swimming pool but middle of a sea near Phi Phi island.

Guess what ?
They were Indians. 😀

I was elated! The precious “little” time I got to chat with them from the deck of the boat is unforgettable. Shouting at my level best, I spoke to them in Hindi. Sardarji told me, they were from Chandigarh and chilling out in Thailand. They invited me to join them. I only wished I was better prepared for this Alive is awesome bathing experience.
Maybe next time!
After sometime I was reminded by our guide that it’s time to go. And when I turned back, whole of boat knew I was from India after listening to my full throated, whole hearted talk. 😀

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