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Kuang Im Chapel, River Kwai

Kuang Im Chapel, River Kwai in pictures

When I was crossing the bridge on the River Kwai (no, not the movie), I saw a beautiful temple at its bank. Curiosity made me walk up to it, only to find the gates closed.

Next morning before checking out, I went there again with two friends. The name of the temple is Kuang Im Chapel. Why it is called a chapel, I have no idea.
This is a Buddha temple with an indication of Chinese influence. One can see many dragons, gold money, sculptures of all the animals associated with the Chinese New Year, and letters etc. to suggest it.

I leave you with some photos of this place.

Steps going to the main temple.

a close up look of the roof.

Even more closer…

Rooster – One of the symbols of Chinese Zodiac signs.

Dragon is another.

One of the statues.

The temple has three Buddha statues of different sizes. It is strange that I could not find anything about this temple’s history or significance.
The temple complex is quite big, is quiet and gives a soothing effect. If you visit the vicinity, do visit this temple as well. I am sure you’ll love sitting there by the River Kwai for hours.

Let me know if you can find some more details about it.

You can see a faint glimpse of the bridge on the river Kwai in background.

And here’s the full show! The bridge on the River Kwai from the temple.

Timings – The temple is open from 8:30 AM till 6:00 PM.

I will soon upload a short video of this temple.

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10 thoughts on “Kuang Im Chapel, River Kwai”

  1. Hi, i don’t remember seeing this, i hope i did. We had a workshop-conference there so we only got a few hours to go out before sunset. Did you see the cemetery? I also remember that onyx is mined in that province and there’s a lot for sale in our hotel.

  2. Andrea,
    When was it?

    This temple looks fairly new and there were still some construction works going on.

    Yes, I saw the cemetery too. It demands a separate post. 🙂

    Did not go for onyx mines or shops.

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