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Hi-tech worshipping !

The life is fast.
In this mechanical era, no one has time to sit and breathe. At the same time one also likes to continue with age old customs and rituals. But who has time to do things in traditional way ?

Look at the picture below. Though I was apprehensive of clicking this photo, I also wanted to show it to my people back home.

hi-tech worshipping

Electronic worshipping in progress…. in Tiger Cave temple

Traditionally worshipping or ‘pooja‘ of God is done with lighting the incense sticks and candles (diya), chanting of some mantras, ringing the bells etc.

Here are four steps of a faster option to do all these activities.

1. The Gods are lined like slot or vending machines.
2. Select your God, sit on a chair in front of ‘Him‘.
3. Put a coin in the little box in front of it.
4. For full one minute, the candles and incense sticks will be lit, bells ring and relative mantras chanted.

And there was a queue for this as well !! This was in Thailand.

I think the time is not very far when we see these worshipping in malls too. 😀

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15 thoughts on “Hi-tech worshipping !”

  1. It obviously looks strange to me, the Western atheist! Interesting.

    I understand it wasn’t easy to take the picture but I’m glad you did: it’s fun to see how people live in other parts of the world!

  2. That is first for me.

    That is the reason I believe God is in oneself and everywhere. No need to go anywhere to worship.


    (BTW:- You might like to say (Read More..) in bold in next line. I missed it two times. Decided to leave comment ‘Incomplete Post’ and then I could see it all).

  3. Anjuli,

    Yeah, efficient & innovative too.

    Exactly !

    Normally I avoid going to religious places mainly because I do not know how to perform or react to certain things out there.
    After they are places of worship of different religions and not any kind of monuments.

    First for me as well ! 😀

    For (read more… ) thing, I have changed the color of links. Hope this is better than previous one.
    Also, have you subscribed to my site thru reader or e-mail ? Do that. Posts can be read in full there. 🙂
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Hi-tech worshipping ! =-.

  4. Manish,
    Aage aage dekhiye aur kya-2 hota hai !

    Isn’t it ?

    The time we have for everything, it’s bound to happen one day.

  5. Are we becoming so mechanical these days …. hmmm … i want to go back to my native in a few years and live …. don’t want to call it retired life …

  6. Amar,
    But does it really serve the purpose? Are we not doing it just for the sake of doing it?

    But I can see, it’ll come to India as well. Life is so fast.

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