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Using 241 Passport App in Singapore

Using 241 Passport App in Singapore

Last week when I visited Singapore, it did not fail to surprise me yet again. Singapore has always been a tourist’s hub. Be it India or any other country across the world, its charm has attracted thousands every year and continue to do so. No wonder, I say it’s my favourite too!

garden by the bay

night river cruise
Singapore at night

And why not? Singapore has excellent public transport, incredible food and shopping options, and innumerable attractions to see. I have been there several times before, and I am amazed how Singapore dishes out more things on its platter on my every visit. A small, well behaved island city that is big on experiences.

It is a great holiday location for all ages. The city has decided to make our time more pleasurable while we enjoy its luxuries.


Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board have joined hands together and have launched a special two-to-go package where travelers can enjoy a complete Singaporean experience till 31st of July where if you book a ticket to Singapore, you get an awesome discount on a ticket for your companion and a free version of a local app called 241 Passport App.

First, let’s talk about the flight tickets. Singapore Airlines along with SilkAir is offering economy class, return fares starting from INR 22,000; for travel from 11 Indian cities to Singapore. In addition, travelers from Mumbai and Delhi can enjoy extra comfort in the Premium Economy Class with all-inclusive, return fares starting from INR 38,000 !! These fares are available on sale from 05 – 31 July 2016 (for a minimum of two people travelling together) for the travel period ending 30 September 2016.

I know you want to book it right away but wait! Please read the full offer first! 😀

241 = ‘Two-for-one’ or ‘buy one get one’ or ‘two to go’

Coming to 241 Passport App, I knew it has something to do with discounts but what kind, how much, I wasn’t sure till I landed there. Apparently, the offers to passengers under this app are worth INR 50,000 ! The 241 Passport App is available in most cities that the airline flies to, but this specific offer is for Singapore and it allows us some great discounts and one plus one free offers at various boutiques, restaurants, cafes, excursions and even spas which turns out to be a great offer specially when you’re travelling with someone.

Do I need to mention now that I used this app extensively? 😀

Painting session going on.
Oh my Lychee tea!


A portion of sitting arrangement at Arteastiq.

The first place where I used this app was at Arteastiq. I enjoyed a lovely tea session at this contemporary tea room where you can try your hands on a session of painting while enjoying your tea as well. I devoured their incredible teas and some delicious food. I opted for lychee tea and it was so good that I washed off four cups of tea in no time! What a lovely place to spend your time. I’ll write about it in detail separately in another post.

raffles hotel
The iconic Raffles Hotel.

Have you heard of Singapore’s iconic Raffles Hotel? Well, this exclusive hotel won’t allow you into its main lobby unless you are a resident guest! It is also famous for its Long Bar and Singapore Sling. We had lunch in its restaurant Halia (meaning ginger) using 241 Passport App again. We were four of us and the app made it sure that the excellent meal wasn’t heavy on our pocket. We got four main courses and paid for just two ! Buy-one-get-one-free types.

halia raffles hotel
You can taste salts of different flavors here.
halia raffles hotel
What a colorful table to greet you!

241 Passport App

halia raffles hotel using 241 passport app in Singapore

As I mentioned before, the most awesome thing about Singapore is everytime you visit, it dishes out something more for you. This app helped me to explore a mix of touristy & local and old & new. The app is very user friendly; I had to just download the app, follow the instructions and whenever I wanted to use a voucher at a place, the vendor would punch a code. That’s it!
I mostly used the app for my meals, spa, shopping. So when you estimate the cost for visiting Singapore, reduce it considerably! From flight tickets to shopping, meals, excursions … this app is going to let you enjoy the freebies.
This app is a paid app but if you book your tickets by Singapore Airlines, you’ll get it for free.

See, how easy it is to use? 🙂

So, when are you booking your tickets? 😀

Note : The sale period for this offer is till 31st July, however you can travel till 30th September 2016. For more details you can check the Singapore Airlines Website.

Disclaimer : I was invited to experience this app by Singapore Airlines and Singapore Tourism Board. As always opinions are my own.

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30 thoughts on “Using 241 Passport App in Singapore”

  1. wow! what a wonderful app! and what discounts.

    I’ll tell my aunt who is about to book her tickets about it.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. A great idea to attract tourists, 2-4-1. Awesome pictures , especially the second. It is mind blowing. Is there any pic of your doing the painting 🙂 🙂 All the food is making me hungry.

    1. yes, it’s a great initiative by Singapore Tourism board & Singapore airlines together.

      Thank you for the compliment.

      No, I can’t do painting & click pic too. 😛

  3. I love sightseeing/travel package discounts like this! So efficient and enjoyable. Very cool that Singapore Airlines joined forces with the tourism board to make this happen. I’ve got to visit Singapore!

  4. Leave it to Singapore to create such an efficient app! Those are some amazing deals in the city. I would love to go back to Singapore and eat all the food from this post 🙂

  5. This app sounds amazing. Especially those meals you got to enjoy with it. I wonder if more places are doing things like this. Will have to save for whenever I make it over to Singapore.

  6. I absolutely loved Singapore when I was there and I hope to go back. One thing I didn’t do and regreat was not going into the Raffles hotel and order a Singapore Sling. I did have one somewhere else.

    This 2 for 1 deal is great, it gives you an excuse to see parts of Singapore you may not have done so otherwise.

  7. Singapore is always a nice quality place and it really shows from what you’ve gathered here in this post. When I go back there I want to experience staying at the Raffles Hotel. I’ll keep that app in mind as well!

    1. Oh then it’s time to go there! I am sure you’d love to see it again with your daughter.

      The app is very helpful, user friendly and a money saver too. 🙂

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