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Timbre+ A Container Food joint in Singapore

Recently opened Timbre+ or Timbre Plus is one of the hottest food joints in Singapore at the moment. Timbre Group that offers cool chill-out places with delicious food and great live music, is the brain behind it.

Timbre+ singapore container food joint

The first word that came out was a ‘Wow’, when I saw this building. An array of graffiti and spray paint art all over large shipping containers and old-fashioned airstream travel trailers stole my heart. This concept is popular in some countries but in Singapore, it is first such concept.
Some of the stalls or containers at Timbre+ are designed to look like food trucks, albeit immobile. These ‘food trucks’ sell burgers, pizza, fusion dishes and Indian chaat and briyani.

Timbre+ singapore

timbre plus singapore

Timbre+ singapore container food joint

This place is home to several dining options, with 21 hawker stalls and 14 restaurant brands. No matter how stylish and colourful the place looks, it is actually a hawker center where an old historic coffee shop used to be and has transformed the old Ayer Rajah hawker center into a traditional yet modern eating joint.

What makes the place interesting, is that a majority of the old hawkers with 30-40 years of old coffee shop history are still here, and now working with this new generation!

Timbre+ singapore

Spread over 24,000 sq feet area, it offers a variety of restaurant like food at affordable prices. No wonder it is packed at lunch and dinner hours. Most seating arrangements are common but there are some shops with their own. Food is not as cheap as in a typical hawker stall though.

timbre plus singapore

The returning of tray is also very interesting. When you order food, you pay an extra $1 for the tray you carry the food on. You get your dollar back when you return the tray at an automated tray- return zone marked with ‘Halal’ and ‘Non-Halal’.

Timbre+ Singapore: A Container Food joint

There is no air-conditioning and so the place is sweltering. At one time around 700 people can be seated. You can sit anywhere, like a food court.

The stalls start operating as early as 6 AM, and close by 6 PM. After that, there is a live music and Karaoke session for restaurant diners on Wednesday to Saturday nights.

Timbre plus singapore container food joint

1. If you go in the evening, try to sit in front of the stage for their live evening music. During daytime grab a table along the outer side.
2. Timbre+ is open from Mondays to Saturdays.
3. You can watch live music performances from Wednesday to Saturday nights.
Getting there: On MRT One-North station is the nearest at about 5 minutes walk.

timbre plus singapore

So, when are you visiting this hipster food joint? 😀

Disclaimer: This visit was made possible by Singapore Tourism Board. As always opinions are my own.

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17 thoughts on “Timbre+ A Container Food joint in Singapore”

  1. Nice one Nisha. Got to head here the next time I am in Singapore. I like the whole concept of returning the tray. It reminds me of how the shopping carts in Europe are returned after one has finished shopping. We need something like this in India.

  2. I love how this concept is popping up all-over the world! Usually these markets are filled with new, emerging foodie entrepreneurs/chefs, but this one in Singapore mixes the established local favourite with the start-ups. I’ve pinned this for my future trip!

  3. This seems like exactly the kind of place that I would love to hang out :). I visited Singapore last year and absolutely loved it, even though I was as sick as a dog the whole time! If I go back, I will definitely check out Timbre Plus.

  4. This is definitely a place for me! I just love the wall art and I’m a real food lover, so I’m definitely going to keep this place in mind for when I’m visiting Singapore. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This looks like such a cool place to eat/ see! One of my favorite things about traveling is eating all of the different foods. Although since becoming a vegetarian its been a bit harder to find good meat free options. I’m also a bit of a street art fanatic and love live music so this tickets so many boxes! Shame I’m not heading out that way for another year or two but I’ve pinned it for later 🙂

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