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Off to some VolunTourism

Starting tomorrow morning I am off to South east Asia for over 3 months. Cambodia, Malaysia and probably Thailand or Singapore. Not yet decided, not yet planned.

That’s aerial view of Mumbai

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.. — Winston Churchill

As a responsible traveller, I strongly believe in giving back something to the society.
I have done this before and will do so in future also. This time I will be engaged in volunteer work with an NGO in Cambodia for about 3 months.

If you are raising your eyebrows with a “What’s in it for you?” … then no, I won’t get any monetary benefits. I will have to pay for my accommodation, food, insurances and transport, visa etc. And I am not sure what kind of accommodation is in store for me… whether it is a dorm or a hotel room, I do not know. I have requested them to look for a place with wi-fi and cooking facility; yet to hear from them.

This work will give me a chance to experience and learn about the people and culture of Cambodia. More than anything, this will give me immense gratification and pleasure.

Again, I am carrying a few dozen sketch pen sets, story books, colors and some other items to be given to the kids there.
Cambodia is a new country for me, and I think it’ll be fun to stay and work with locals. I am anxiously looking forward to it. 😀

But before that, I am not sure where I will celebrate Christmas and New Year…. Singapore or Thailand. So much of uncertainty. Absolute adventure ! 😛

For those who are interested in statistics, Cambodia will be my 23rd country. I have been to other countries which I mentioned above.

Now the blog.
I have scheduled a few guest posts to be published every week. And I am still getting requests to accept a few more. 🙂
Folks, send if you wish but don’t expect immediate reply. Whenever I am not travelling AND have internet connection, I will try to update what I have been up to. 🙂

But people who check my Facebook travel page, and Twitter will come to know the latest updates and tit-bits which come more frequently and in detail. So, do join me there.

Till I bring back lots of stories and photos…
Au Revoir

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