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Malaysian Lipstick

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Malaysian Lipstick is also called as Lipstick palm or sealing wax.

Two years back I saw it for the first time in Seremban, Malaysia and immediately fell in love with it. I marveled at the bold red color that had overshadowed the typical greens. The rustling sound of its leaves had caught my attention and I so wanted to possess one.
I stopped and yes, you guessed it right. I clicked pictures. 😀

Well, I couldn’t imagine a bamboo tree like that! It was much later (on my recent visit) that I was corrected, they are NOT bamboo trees but palm !
lipstick palm

A bunch of red Malaysian lipsticks. 😛

Considered one of the most colourful and exotic palm trees in the world, they are aptly called Lipstick palm or sealing wax. And why not?

lipstick palm

A row of colorful lipsticks. 😀

Very few other palms display this kind of colorful show. It is one the most spectacular and colorful tropical palms and makes an elegant bunch of fabulous color. Its dark green leaves make an excellent contrast on its bright red crownshaft.

lipstick tree

A closer look.

Native to the tropical region of Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra, these plants are very popular for its flowers and different types of foliage. Tricky to grow, the sealing wax palm needs humidity, moisture and sunlight for healthy growth. Sunlight is one of the important factors that can affect the growth of these plants.
It is always better to place these plants in a place which is warm, a little sunny and shady.

So would you like to have a Malaysian Lipstick as well?

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13 thoughts on “Malaysian Lipstick”

  1. Samaresh,
    I wanted to bring some but Indian customs won’t allow any saplings. Trying to get some seeds if possible. It’ll need a special care in this country though.

  2. Malayasian lipstick??? Never heard of it. It looks so fresh and appealing. Yes, I was wondering initially how could bamboo look like that. Do these palms have palm nuts or whatever they are called? How do those fruits look? Why is the trunk reddish? What purpose does it serve? Such a different plant. Great photos–thanks!

  3. Oh yes I so would like to have a Malaysian Lipstick..what a cute name! 🙂
    They look so beautiful and vibrant. I so am tempted to visit Malaysia again after seeing your images 🙂

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