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Little India Night Market in Kuala Lumpur

Most Asian countries are famous for their night markets. I had earlier written about some in Thailand and also in Malaysia. Night Markets are where you can mix with the locals and get some good bargains!

One of the must see in Kuala Lumpur, for Indians and others alike is the Little India region, which is just a stone’s throw from the Merdeka Square.
People of Indian origin came here initially to do trade and eventually settled in Singapore and southern parts of Malaysia. During British rule, however, a lot of people were sent to Malaysia to work in their Sugar Cane, Palm Oil, rubber plantations, Tin mines and such. KL was still not the Capital. It was just a small Kampung more specifically a Mining village. 🙂

night market

One of the shops in Little India’s night market.

It is here the various sections of the society congregated in their own small areas and thrived along with the town. Indian Settlers camped near the Kuala or the Confluence of river Gombak and Klang. They built their own mosque now called Masjid India right opposite Masjid Jamek. Now the street is full of Indian wares and eateries.

Just parallel to the main street is a lane called Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Day time it is as boring a place as it can be but come evening the street transforms into a market with small shops lining both sides of the narrow street with just enough place for people to walk. During the festival time the speed is further reduced to something where a snail’s pace is akin to express travel. 😀

Nothing Indian in this market but you can get clothes, watches, fashion accessories, shoes, Sweets, Cakes and so on.
I strongly recommend a visit to this place during your sojourn.

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12 thoughts on “Little India Night Market in Kuala Lumpur”

  1. I didn’t knew that there was a little India market in Kuala Lumpur as well. Though I went and stayed there for a couple of nights, I never came to know of it. I did ofcourse visit a nice and expensive restaurant, I think with the name Bombay restaurant or something. I would remember this for the next trip.

  2. hello, i am malaysian. i want correct your misleading perception about this place, many foreigner and tourist mistaken this place as little india. actually it’s not. it is known as ‘bazaar masjid india’. anyway this place have related story with india and at the past southern india muslims have migrate here, open mosque called ‘masjid india’ then they make Da’wah to spreading islam here and open the trade here. the term ‘india’ too here in this place maybe misleading foreigner to thought this is little india too. but actually little india in KL only one which in Brickfield. i love to read your blog, many post you have make about travelling in malaysia. it’s seen like you love my country. you like malaysia tourism ambassador even you are actually not malaysian because you have very good job in promoting my country to the world eyes. 😀 thanks.

  3. Sayasayangkamu,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am humbled.

    I love your country and try to learn as much as possible by way of travelling to interiors, tasting local cuisines and interacting with locals.

    Thanks for correcting me about the place.
    And yes, if you find me guiding something incorrect, please correct me. 🙂

    Thanks once again. keep coming & reading. It encourages me. 😀

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