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Ladies coach in Malaysian trains

In India, for years we are so used to a concept called ‘Ladies coach’ in a train whether it is a local train or intercity but do you know Malaysia’s first coach service for women was launched very recently?

Ladies coach KTM Komuter

A Ladies coach.

On my last visit to Malaysia, to my joy, I noticed that a ladies coach has been introduced. And since its launch in May 2010, it has been receiving rave reviews from women of all races.

Malaysia’s first coach service for women is marked by a large pink sticker with the message ‘Ladies only at all times‘. The message is written in five languages, to go with the country’s multi-lingual and multi-ethnic culture.

Ladies coach KTM Komuter

A Ladies coach.

First I wondered what ‘Wanita’ meant in Malay. It looked a mis-spelt Hindi word to me whose meaning is ‘woman’. Then got to know it stands for ‘ladies’ or ‘women’ in Malay as well ! 🙂

I had taken a train from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban and back. I was very happy to travel in a ladies coach; not that the general coaches are as packed as in local trains of Mumbai but it is quite comfortable to be among women.
I know some of the gentlemen would not like it, if middle of the three coach trains is always reserved for ladies in every commuter train. And KTM says it will extend its service to some more stations. Sorry guys, we need our space too. 🙂
Well, this was done because statistics showed that 60% of KTM Komuter passengers were women. The other two coaches are for both sexes.

For ladies it is a relief. On my way I spoke to some of the commuters.
It provides more privacy & safety to ladies.” First one said.

Usually the pick pockets are men and foreign workers, the move will help to ensure safety of women.” Another woman had her opinion.
Now we can freely talk about our shopping, family and relationships” third one winked.

Just like anywhere else, it is not compulsory for women to use the ladies coach. Boys under the age of 12 are allowed in and couples are advised to make use of the regular coach service. But I saw one or two couples sitting in ladies compartment, mainly to have more privacy and comfort to them.

Ladies coach KTM Komuter

Unlocked sliding door between two coaches but no one misuses the freedom.

The coaches are joined together and the sliding doors between them are not locked. But I did not see anyone crossing over to ladies coach even during peak hours. No one tries to disobey the rules.
I mentioned before also, law & order is quite good in that country.

Ladies coach KTM Komuter

Waiting for a train to Seremban at platform 6 at ‘Ladies only‘ area. Passengers at stations can identify the special coach via a pink banner at the platform. They are marked on the floor as well.

ladies coach Malaysian trains KTM Komuter

Underground platform at Kuala Lumpur.

Passengers wait for the train as a crowd but as soon as train approaches, they make a queue and obey the rules. At least women do. 🙂

Have you come across any interesting story/incident about Ladies only thing? We would love to hear about it. Comment section is all yours. 🙂
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17 thoughts on “Ladies coach in Malaysian trains”

  1. @Ram,
    I will refer your request to concerned department. 😛

    Yes, Delhi Metro has also introduced women’s coach now. But they do not remain women’s in peak hours.
    On my last visit to Delhi, men were all over the place. And they curse women to have such luxury. 🙂

  2. I didn’t notice it in KL! We took the train from KL to Butterworth but I don’t think there was a carriage for women only. That said, I found public transportation was pretty good, and less packed than in Bangkok!

  3. How do you know they (sliding doors) are not locked? 🙂

    Also, I wonder if the country is going the hard line Islamic way by segregating men and women…? Something to think about…

  4. Thankfully, the trains in bbay have had womens coaches for ages, and they remain for women only, except for the hawkers… and most of the time, it is the women who buy the things sold, so no one really minds them! in fact, there are completely women only trains at specific times of the day, and men really dont board these… of course, i wonder what the situation will be like once the new trains – the metro and monorail come, and people have to learn how to get in and out peacefully.. that is one thing bbay commuters dont know!

  5. Oh how I used to love the Ladies Coach when I traveled on the trains in India. How amazing to see this concept has become reality in Malaysia- GOOD!

    loved all the pictures!

  6. @Zhu,
    As of now, the ladies coach is introduced only in selected trains.
    You must’ve taken Langkawi express or any other inter-country/intercity train from KL to Butterworth. These trains do not have women only carriages.
    Yes, it is definitely less crowded than Bangkok or Manila. 🙂

  7. @Siddhartha,
    The purpose of that big pink sticker is to help commuters boarding the right coach. 😀

    And yes, Malaysia not only has more stringent rules but its people follow them too. 🙂

  8. @Neeraj,
    Because at the curves when the moving train tilted, the doors opened on their own.

    To your other question… no, I do not think so. The reason for having a women’s coach is same as in India.

  9. @Anu,
    That’s what surprised me !

    Some countries that are considered to be more advanced than ours, are introducing something which we have since ages!

    Getting in & out of metro…. when Delhi people, who are known for their rowdiness, can do it; Mumbai people will have to do it better, there is no other way. 🙂

  10. I don’t like the idea of ladies only coach. Its not that woman are so not able to take care of themselves to the extend they need to be protected this way!. i don’t know abt other subways in other places but in KL subs you will find ppl pretending to be asleep when a pregnant woman,old people or woman with young children steps into a coach. (Especially youngsters)To play it safe most people would pretend to be asleep even if the journey is just 45mins. cheers!

  11. Kathy,
    I absolutely agree with you. 🙂
    It doesn’t happen only in Malaysia but in India as well. People pretending to be asleep when a woman enters the coach.

    But think of peak hours when all kinds of push & pull can happen and few women (pregnant or old) get uncomfortable to travel?

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