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5 Tallest buildings of Malaysia

On an impulse, I wanted to see if I had visited all the 5 tallest buildings in Malaysia, especially after having gone there so many times. So I started to research about the same.
I thought at least a couple of structures outside of Kuala Lumpur which I’ve visited would make the list and more specifically thought the Communication tower in Alor Setar and Menara Komtar in Penang. I was surprised to find both had not made the list of top 5 !
The list is as follows.

1. Petronas tower (Suria Tower) one and two, height – 452 Metres. People generally consider that Rank one and two goes to these 2 towers. Ok. Strictly speaking that may be so. But in my list, they are both rank 1. Every time I go to Kuala Lumpur I manage to catch a glimpse of these imposing and glittering towers. Definitely worth a visit.
one of the 5 tallest buildings of Malaysia-petronas

Up, up & up…..

2. KL Tower, Height – 421 Metres. On my very first visit I had gone to the top of this tower. I also enjoyed a community dance, the reptile museum at the ground floor of this structure. I am told that this building will lose its rank soon.
3. Menara Telekom, Height – 310 Metres. Never gone close to this building. After looking at the photos I know I have seen this from afar, while on metro trains. Never once realized that this tower was so tall.

4. Menara Cargali. Height – 267 Metres. To be frank, I had never seen or heard about this earlier. Apparently this made the list only last year. I saw in the internet that it is close to the Petronas tower. Never noticed it. Maybe because this building though tall is pretty ordinary looking.
5. Menara Maybank. Height – 244 Metres. This being an office building of Malayan Bank, I could not go to the top but have gone past and into it to withdraw money umpteen number of times. This is near China Town & Little India.

All the above are in Kuala Lumpur. Contrary to my belief the Penang Komtar Tower is ranked 7th, according to me (8th as per official stats) and Alor Setar Menara at 165.5 Metres was a very distant 30th!

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6 thoughts on “5 Tallest buildings of Malaysia”

  1. I have such a strange obsession with tall buildings, this article is right up my street. I think the Petronas tower is beautiful! Feel free to write articles about the tallest buildings wherever you go 😀

  2. Sarah,
    People can be crazy for anything in this world. 😉

    Yeah, I’ll write a separate post for world’s tallest buildings that I’ve visited. 😀

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