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Plaza of the Goats!

From St Dominic Church we took a right turn and another in the narrow streets. The big shops gave way to smaller shops and we were marveling at the fact that there so many Gold Jewelry shops. The street went uphill and so did we!


The cathedral

Suddenly the narrow streets ended in a paved square and right in front was The Cathedral on top of the hill. It was built almost 400 years back, was simple in its bearing. Generally cathedrals are known to be pretty magnificent. What is unique is its the belfries on either side of the entrance. This had its importance as the main cathedral in the region spanning China to Japan.

The beautiful plaza in front of it is called, well no marks for correct answer, Cathedral Square or Largo da Se!


It was around nine at night but people were in no hurry to rush back home. They were sitting on the benches, having ice creams and chatting. No hurry at all. I quite liked the relaxed atmosphere.

This square, was made more marvelous by a huge cross too, lots of benches, a pretty little fountain and several statues of Goats !

plaza of goats macau

Goats, goats and goats.

The sculptures of goats are perhaps temporary in nature considering that this is the Chinese year of the goat. Each goat was different in size, shape and looks and carried a message.

I liked the one where couple of human babies were trying to drink the Goat’s milk. It appeared to me the message was “This year not a single person in this world will go hungry”.

plaza of goats macau

plaza of goats macau

plaza of goats macau

This may not be on everyone’s itinerary but I recommend this place at least for the sculptures and its quaint charm.

How did you like the goats? 😀

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32 thoughts on “Plaza of the Goats!”

  1. Yeah, the goats do stand out. Very creative. And yes — the one with little children is one that will stick to our memories.
    Yesterday I visited a post that showed me a park that has several horse sculptures.

    Love that fountain pic too. Nisha.

  2. An unusual and beautiful capture. I like the first photo somehow! A few years back, I remember seeing several sculptures of Cows, strewn around the city of Zurich.

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