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Best Luxury Spa in Macau at MO!

Best Luxury Spa in Macau at MO!

We flip through the SPA catalog in our room lazily trying to understand what is what.

We are not regular spa goers. Last I had a massage was some 20 years back at a fitness centre by a 6+ feet , 200+ pounds masseur in Delhi, who was tossing me about like a salad and raining well directed blows (according to him to improve circulation), suddenly jerking my neck in this direction and that and in general made me empathize with a grain of wheat in a mill. I don’t want to even be reminded of the gore that spewed after (Of course, I am exaggerating :), as you can see I have lived to tell the tale). Nisha has nicer experiences.

luxury spa in macau

The word Spa has a nice ring to it though, a ring of a healing touch and after all these years lots of things in my body needed repairs!

Many different kinds are on the platter; Time bound ritual, where you just buy the time and they will discuss with you and decide what is good for you. Journeys and signature spa. We wanted to fully spoil ourselves.

They have variety of rooms, suites and treatments and therapies which have been devised to address guests’ desire for simple, effective and authentic spa experiences. It was difficult to decide.
We stop at Suite Experiences. Aha… sounds interesting.


We eventually sign up for Macanese Dragon Experience not really knowing what to expect. We sign up since we want to do something different on our special day! We sign up because we find this unusual name in the Forbes award winning Signature Spa Portfolio of Mandarin Oriental at Macau. I rather think the fact that we had participated in the Tou Tei festival and Lion dance just this morning must have something to do with it.

luxury spa in macau

At the appointed time we enter the Spa area. At the reception they are already waiting for us. Even before we uttered a word, a girl led us to a sofa and offered us some refreshing herbal tea. Another one came with two trays with slippers for us to change. We both are given forms to fill in and then the hostess studies the form individually in detail and asks us several questions. The idea is to understand our bodies so that they can make fine adjustments to their medicinal oil composition.

They want to make sure that our experience is fabulous and not spoilt by some irritations.
Couple of masseuses appear from nowhere and lead us into the labyrinth of spa suites. It looks as if the entire floor was allocated for spa. We could not take any pictures as, cameras are not allowed in. So the picture below is from their archives. Once ensconced in our own suite we change to a dress (or the lack of it) more appropriate for the proceedings.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Macau-Bamboo Suite.2

Firstly there is a foot ritual that begins with a tinkling of a tiny set of cymbals. The purification of our feet with different kinds of teas and herbs is complete and we are now ready to lie on the operation …ooops… spa table. The treatment commences with an extended body scrub followed by steam shower and private (WOW!) whirlpool.
We are already heady with the rich and heavy aromatic atmosphere when at last we are called for a relaxing Chinese lymphatic massage using “Bau Ding”, heated meditation stones to de-stress us. I am almost asleep at the end of it. Such is the complete relaxation. The delicate and skilled fingers of the masseuses have done their wonders.

After the mandatory application of aromatic creams, the treatment is complete after 2 hours. We hardly spoke during the therapy and now we are completely speechless. No wonder, Mandarin Oriental Macau has received the prestigious Forbes Five-Star Spa for the fourth year in a row!

All we do is order for some more herbal tea! Over tea we plan on our next activity, Special Dinner at a Special Place! Three Cheers for the Macanese Dragon.

Did you have a good Spa experience off late?

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12 thoughts on “Best Luxury Spa in Macau at MO!”

  1. I agree – massage or spa by an experienced person surely make a person sleep at least I experience it and you also saying the same.
    The best massage or spa is after strenuous trekking at least I prefer.

  2. Loved the way you have described. Looks like they are very good at these services.

    I think I have decided where I am going to stay next time.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I was looking for some good Spa centers in Macau since we are heading there in two weeks for our vacations.

    Stumbled upon your blog and now I have made a choice. thanks so much.

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