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Yoga in Israel

We all know that yoga practice has become an international language but when I went to Israel, I didn’t know Yoga would be so popular in the country. To my surprise, Israel has become one of the largest centers of Yoga asana practices in the world. Let us take a look into Yoga in Israel.

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Tel-Aviv is the most popular but Jerusalem and Haifa are not far behind in offering a wide choice of studios which host international Yoga teachers throughout the year. Israel welcomes people from all over the world to practice as part of a trip or as a special journey to study yoga … in a different environment altogether.

Have you heard of Yoga in desert? Israel is the answer. Though I am not an expert, I can say, Yoga in Israel is a little different from yoga in US or in India. The styles and asanas are a good mix of east & west. I’ll write about it later in a separate post.

Without further ado, I show you a short video of it, you can imagine how interesting it could be. 🙂

Have you tried anything like this before? 🙂

Picture & video courtesy : Shraddha Gupta

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  1. I have done Yoga in Rishikesh in Uttarakhand but the yoga shown in the video is more of strength building and balance. Different it is. Agree?

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