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Indonesia from Above

Not only in airplane but bus, car, train … I love my window seat and I would probably sulk if I do not get a window seat. Vasu knows it very well and when we travel together, he doesn’t even utter a word about taking that seat or looking out of window!

So as usual, while going to Indonesia, I had reserved window seats for all four sectors. I was flying Mumbai-KL-Bandung and took the same route for return journey.


Clouds were playing their role. Whether I am up in the air or down on earth, I like clouds very much. They give a different feel to a place. In fact, if they are missing then I feel odd.

I wanted to see how Indonesia and Bandung in particular looks from above. As usual I craned my neck to the window with my camera ready. I was as excited as a child.

And this is what I was leaving behind…. in sequence. A land of 1000 islands, a land of natural beauty, and a land full of curiosity.



Indonesia from above



I promised myself to come here again, to explore more, to experience more.

That’s the beauty of this place.

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45 thoughts on “Indonesia from Above”

  1. Alexander,
    The last one is my favourite also. 🙂

    Yes, I flew Malindo. Was disappointed. I’ll be writing a review of it soon.

    Thanks for dropping by. Have a great weekend.

  2. There pictures are so gorgeous. I am on awe of the the last shot.

    Btw, I love window seat too…we are travelling in a few months and as usual, window seats are already booked for me 😛

  3. Kaddu,
    First, I like your name very much.

    Thank you, everyone’s favourite is the last picture!

    No, no camera fails to capture the real beauty but it tries hard to show us something. 🙂

    Heading over to your pic. 🙂

    Keep coming.

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