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Club Mahindra Property in Cloud 9

I should probably say properties, since there are two. Club Mahindra, Binsar Valley and Binsar Villa.

We started our journey towards Binsar in the morning from Jim Corbett, which was our pit stop for the previous night after a long drive from Delhi. The sumptuous and scrumptious Kababs that we had wolfed down for dinner the previous night were properly digested and duly forgotten.

A view of the hillside town of Binsar

There were enough indications that it had rained through the night. However when it was time to start, the weather cleared just enough, as if to say “so long for now, we will meet later!”.
Meet! We did, in the most unsuspecting way, by way of rocks and mud slide, which delayed us by 3 hours while we had to turn back part of the way to take a different route. We reached Binsar by evening. The view from our studio apartment at Club Mahindra Binsar Valley resort, was so spectacular that all our ordeals were soon forgotten. The rain had rendered the place even more beautiful.

A view of the large room. See the connecting door to the other room if you are more people

Beautiful towel art!

The room was big and tastefully laid out with a cooking corner that was good for microwave cooking (oh no…we don’t want to cook!). Well just for that little pasta, oats or noodles that’s ready in 5-minutes). The kitchenette was also equipped with a refrigerator, electric kettle and also had some useful crockery and cutlery to enjoy these mini meals.

C’est la vie!

For us this was good enough! We could sit out in the balcony for hours gazing at the hills with suitable accompaniments of drinks and daily dose of dry fruits that always seemed to be available in the room. However, here is the thing about us all. We cannot stay still, can we? There is host of activities that can keep people of all ages busy throughout the day, well into the night! Here are some external excursions that can be undertaken with the help of Club Mahindra.

Colourful Umbrellas always at hand!

The extremely efficient and effective staff made us feel like royalties, many of whom hail from the nearby villages and towns. So much so that whenever it rained some unseen hands seemed to push a colourful umbrella in our hands.

Mouthwatering Kumaoni Thali

A nice name for the restaurant

We tasted some delicious and authentic Kumauni cuisines at the “Bird Song” restaurant. The dining area although not big, was large enough to accommodate all the guests.

Recreation Area

Next to the restaurant was the recreation area which had quite a few indoor games and activities like Table Tennis, Pool, Carom board, table football, painting for kids, a library etc. There is also a small souvenir-cum-grocery shop for immediate needs.

Make-shift barbecue!

Dinner in the open

On request, even a barbecue could be arranged outside. The manager proudly informed that it was his brainchild and efforts of his staff that made it possible, rain or shine. We loved the way they made small tables, seats, and glass holders from wood.

That’s me climbing a rope net…

Zipline …


On certain days they arrange adventure activities in premises like climbing and zip-lining. It is always a great idea to visit the other property, situated higher up, for even better views of the valley. Club people would gladly ferry you there and back via a narrow winding private road, which is an adventure by itself. One could even walk down the narrow pathway, like we did in the darkness. That was just an amazing experience to say the least!

Highest villa at Club Mahindra Binsal Villa

A view of Club Mahindra , Binsar Villa

Yes of course, one is bound to get tired with all these activities. So you may request the most rejuvenating special oil massage within the resort. They use oils extracted from various herbs and mix it with apricot oil for that awesome feeling.

The best way to enjoy Binsar is to spend a few days each in Club Mahindra Binsar valley and villa.

Note: This trip was made possible because of Club Mahindra, Binsar Valley.

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    1. Absolutely. The region in and around the property is just breathtaking , with so many things to do. Congratulations on winning the dream trails contest. Where are you going?

  1. Looks like you’re having a great stay. The views are very much compelling. I didn’t know much about Binsar, it would be nice if I could see this place in person. Thanks for sharing.

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