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Another year. Another set of to-dos. And a time to take stock… Don’t frown for this late post, we are still in January month. 🙂

Year 2008 was a good year in terms of travel for me. I managed to balance between my work related and personal travels. All the trips were short since now I don’t go on long term trips.
In the year 2008 I have been to a few places abroad (USA & Europe) and in India. I am yet to write about my foreign trips mostly because I hardly get to see a newer place or anything new about an old place. And I am yet to write about some of the trips done within India last year as well.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - The Year That Was


On homeland, apart from my usual trips to Delhi which I have stopped counting, the year started with a two day trip to Nagaon, few hours drive from Mumbai… not posted yet. Then a 10 days trip to Goa happened which seemed very less for the kind of variety it offers us. After 17 posts, there is still lot remaining to write about. This sojourn kept me going for first few months of the year.

The year that was


Then after two short trips abroad, towards the end of rainy season a trip to Lonavala was a refreshing change. Will go there again. It has much more than what we experienced.

In November, there was another trip to Delhi.

And from there out of the blue I could snatch a day to visit Amritsar. It was totally a different experience altogether and I am yet to wrap up the stories about it.

Come December, and a trip was planned for Ganapatipule with extended family, a strikingly beautiful coastal place in Konkan region. My first but definitely not the last visit there.

Within Mumbai city, besides daily regular chaotic places, I could see Mani Bhavan, Sanjay Gandhi Park, Bandra Fort, Elephanta (thrice), Gateway (n times) and so on.

The year that was


Let’s hope the coming year brings me more. Will write later about my wish-list.

P.S.- Hmmm… people do not travel for months and they maintain a successful travel blog; I travel so much that I am unable to maintain my travel blog. Irony.. they call it. 😀

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8 thoughts on “The Year That Was”

  1. I completely know what you mean. A travel blog generally requires traveling and writing a blog means being in front of a computer on a very regular basis.

    ** I was actually so inspired by this post, I wrote a quick post about this problem and some solutions. (I started in this comment box but it grew too long!) I’ll post it this week or very early next week for you.

    For now, I think this post I wrote about quick things to post might be helpful:

  2. A travel blog can’t be updated as regularly as other theme blogs. And then there r some visits where you don’t feel anything to write about. And ofcourse time is a grt factor..

  3. You’ve been places last year. I hope to see the other travelogues soon. As I say this, I’m also guilty of not writing about every place I went to last year. Will try to make up.

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