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Admission in Rishi Valley School

This post is especially written for those who want to seek admissions for their wards in Rishi Valley School. I get innumerable queries about the school and its procedures.

I am in no way related to the school, nor am I promoting it by virtue of this post. I stayed there for a day and I am stating the facts which I saw there or made available to me.

admission to Rishi Valley School

Rishi Valley School – The over 350 acres school, a modern Gurukulam, a self-contained village is founded by Shri Jiddu Krishnamurthy. For detailed information, please refer to my post on this school. Here I’ll only describe the procedures.

How to reach – The school, Rishi Valley School, better known as RVS is near
Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, 130 Kms from Bangalore. One can hire a private taxi from different points (airport, railway station, state bus depot) in Bangalore or take a state bus. The school has a tie up with private cabs and they can also arrange for you.

The buses for Madanapalle ply every hour. From Madanapalle, Rishi Valley School is another 16 Kms towards Anantpur for which one can take an autorickshaw for RS 150.00 as no cab is available there. For more details on this please refer to this post.

Admission Procedures – The school is from class 4th to 12th. It follows the ICSE Board syllabus. Admission tests and interviews are normally conducted on the Rishi Valley School campus from late February to early April. And generally a full week is reserved for one class’s admissions. You can make an appointment for a suitable date within that week. The schedules are quite flexible.

The junior classes have only interviews (just to see basic proficiency in English and Maths). They are conducted in a very relaxed or play-way manner.
The senior classes have written tests based on their choice of subjects followed by a non-academic interview, all to be completed in a single day.

The school is excellent for branches like arts and music etc. For those students who are preparing themselves for Engg/medical line as career through some coaching institutes in Bangalore, RVS takes them by school bus on such weekend day trips to attend to classes.

I also received feedbacks from ex-students of the school. For example read this “I studied in RV (and loved it). In response to the comment that students wanting to get into Engineering or Medicine might find it difficult to clear the exams…a bunch of my classmates (and kids from other batches before and after me) went on to become engineers and doctors and I don’t know of any that didn’t pass their exams.”.

Stay – You can stay in guest house of the school which has to be booked in advance. It can be done through phone. While in the campus you can also have a look around to have an idea of the school and facilities. You eat food in the school mess along with students and teachers. No special treatment for anyone.

If you prefer hotel then click here for hotels in Madanapalle

The website of school is

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72 thoughts on “Admission in Rishi Valley School”

  1. we are getting lots of feedbacks from this site. As we are going to the School next week for ours son’s admission. this is going to help people like us.

  2. Well, I am interested in completing my education from RVS. But, I want to know if my family could afford the fees and whether I will be able to develop a free thinking over there.Please contact me at my mail-id.

  3. We are thinking of getting our daughter studying in rishi valley in class 11 and 12. We want to know about the admission procedure for class 11, what the school is looking for in a student/ parents.

  4. My son is in 7th standard at RV. The admission procedure for class 11 is more rigorous compared to junior classes in the sense that they assess the personality of the sutdent and parental outlook more objectively. They will specifically judge whether the student will enjoy their mode of education while taking personal responsibility for his/her academic performance. I am not sure about the whole procedure but this is what I understood looking at their prospectus.

  5. We are thinking of getting our Son studying in rishi valley in class 11 and 12. We want to know about the admission procedure for class 11.

  6. Biju,
    It is slightly difficult to get admission in class 11 & 12 as they have very limited seats and like any other institution, preference is always given to those students who have been studied there.
    You can go thru this website and contact them thru phone. They are quite helpful.

    In any case I think you are late for next session. it is already December and I think they stop taking requests for next year’s session.

    Good luck!

  7. i just wanted 2 knoe wat questions do dey ask for d interview regarding the parents and the child…it’s a bit urgent.

    thanks,Ragu 4m Goa!

  8. My Son is presently studying in Fr Agnel Multipurpose school, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He is a very Bright child.
    Would like to know if I can put him for the 11th and 12th std in RV. What will be the admission procedure and the fee structure like.
    Pl reply asap


  9. my son is studying 6th class he wants admission for class 7th in rvs we already visited the school in the month of the apr 2013 we want the admission for the 2014 -2015 what is procedure for adimission for class 7th and fees details for the class 7th my sons name is k.rama sai pavan is there any seats are avliable for class 6th for this year 2013 -2014 please give the information. my mail id is [email protected]
    thank you

  10. Hi, I Want to Know Details about to make my child in RVS . Let me know more how they conduct Exam and What actually they look in child ? .
    Iam warred about how to make him in that school . He is now just 2nd Class. Iam preparing him from now onwards for Entrance exam . i want to see him in that school .

    Ramakrishna Reddy

  11. Ramakrishna,
    First, your child can not get admission if he is studying in 2nd class.

    The school is from class 4th to 12th. It follows the ICSE Board syllabus. Admission tests and interviews are normally conducted on the Rishi Valley School campus from late February to early April.

    If you are still interested to know then read again. This post has tried to explain everything in details.

  12. Hi .. I’m a mother of two children, trying to seek addmission in grade 5 and grade 7 in the year 2015-16) .
    I myself did my schooling from Rbs Varanasi which is also a KFI school.
    And I’m very well aware of the good ambience and healthy teacher student relationship of the school.
    It will be very kind of you to guide me for the same.

  13. Shivankarri,
    Thanks for your comment here.
    Read all the articles here including related ones and you’ll have a fair idea of how to prepare. In fact, I can say you are better prepared compared to other parents. 😀

    All the best.

  14. Hello .. I have got an interview call in the second week of February for class 7 for my son . I really want to see my son RVS . Plz let me know how to get through these interviews.

    1. Hii,

      How was ur interview? What did they ask and how was the entire process? It would be great if you can fill in some details.


  15. Srujana,
    Generally for that class, there would be tests for Maths and English.

    Don’t pressurize your son, because it is not only about how your son fares in exam, it is also about the parents… how they behave and well they have groomed their child.

    So, relax. 🙂

  16. Thanks a lot, Nisha . Looking forward for a positive response from the school.
    My kids interview will be held on 19th feb 2015. Fingers crossed

    1. How was your interview? Do share your experience. We are also seeking admission for our daughter in the 4th grade.


  17. MVRB Raju,
    All the best to you. 🙂

    Please do share your experience whatever is the result… it will be helpful to other parents who are seeking admission in the school.

  18. Hi Iam dr. Vidya. My son took interview for admission to class 4 in feb. But he din’t get the admission. I wonder what are the criteria for admission! Any idea?? Did any one of u get a positive admission result ?? Please share ur views!

  19. Vidya,

    Thanks for updating about the result. Much appreciated.

    I don’t know the exact criteria. They had told us that they look for overall performance and there is no hard & fast rule.

    But I guess there would be one.

  20. Hi nisha
    Yes the results were announced in early April. They told me that academic performance is not the only criteria but they do consider other things like girl boy ratio in a class , family background n AP n non AP seats. Very complicated I guess. Anyways Iam thinking of givin it a try again for 6 th standard

  21. Hi Nisha, my son is in class sixth and I am applying for class seventh in Rishi Valley .I wanted to know that does the previous school results matter .Does it favour if the results of the previous school is good.I also wanted to know if there are a good number of North Indian in Rishi Valley or not.

  22. Hi Vani,
    As long as the student hasn’t done very bad, I don’t think the result of previous school matters much because they have their own tests & orals. They also look for extra curricular activities. They believe in overall development of the child.

    Yes, there are many north Indian kids also.

  23. Hi Nisha,

    Thanks for all the valuable information . I would like to further know what kind of kid’s family backgrounds the school is aiming at? Do they accept kid’s from business backgrounds too? How much is non AP quota? How practical is to study in RV for a kid who is from north India ? Thanks in advance.


    1. Shammi,

      Sorry for late reply.
      Yes, there are many children from business background.
      The quota is across India and abroad as well. Some kids of NRI families who want their children not to forget the Indian culture also study there. It’s not that they accept wards only from AP.

      There are many kids from north India, so do not worry at all on that front.

  24. Thank you so much for your reply Nisha….and I loved the Jordanian dishes 🙂 …would surely try some at home….Well, I would just like to know further….what are the basis of acception or rejection of the admission application?( assuming everything else is in place)… and what is the parents interview all about? ….would really appreciate if you or any of the above parent answer this query…thanks a lot….regards, Shammi

    1. Thank you. If you want to try some, I have the recipes also. 😛

      I waited for other parents to answer, but nobody came forward. 🙁
      It’s a generic interview about the parents and their kid.

  25. Hi all,

    Parents, please do revert regarding your interview or rather interaction experiences. That can only help us be in a better frame of mind.


    1. Anushka,
      I waited for parents to respond to your comment but…. 🙂

      I can say only that do not worry too much and go there with an open mind. Too much of preparation also spoils the show.

      On the other note, we’ll be glad if you share your experiences here to help other parents. 🙂

  26. ya..that was purely unintentional Nisha 🙂 …By the way we haven’t been offered a place in the school guest house and been asked make a reservation in one of the lodges in Madanapalle. …Any idea whats the percentage of students who qualify for the written stage and are called to the school ? thanks in advance

  27. I think most of the questions of a prospective parent have been rather well handled. Best wishes to the blog and all who contributed.
    My tips are also, avoid too much preparation, focus on the positives of the school and appear confident of your child- whether he is admitted to RV or not. Much like any other institution they have to ensure diversity in the classrooms so they need to sometime restrict or modify their selection criteria after the minimum requirements are met.

    We’ve just returned from RV and I must say, I’m rather pleased that it fit into our requirements very well. We had gone with our boys for a class 5 and Class 8 entry. Both were non-routine entry points therefore subject to withdrawals and availability rather than fresh seats to fill and that fact was made clear to us.

    The differentiating factor I felt were the educators themselves – they differ by leaps and bounds from the other schools. Many of them, I felt were there pursuing second or alternate careers, hence driven much more by passion and maturity. My only concern is that how does RV plan to retain them, ensure a minimum standard of living, and yet continue to attract new talent, given that the fees are comparatively lower than other A-list schools.

    We hope our children are given the opportunity and if required we will definitely try next year for the younger one.

    1. Thank you very much Nandan for your kind and valuable comment. I appreciate it.

      Rishi Valley is one of the best valued schools in the country and certainly parents tend to worry about their kids which is natural but I always advice them to go with an open mind.

      I also expect parents to come back to this article and share their experiences just like you did. Thanks once again. 🙂

      These discussions and feedbacks help and relieve parents to some extent. 🙂

  28. Hi,

    Very glad to write to you.

    Request you to provide the details of admission to join my son in 9th standard in Rishi valley school.

    Thank you.
    Vijaya Dhanekula

    1. Vijaya,
      Let me clarify. I am in no way related to the school and I am not paid to write this article. 🙂

      Having said that, I am trying to help people in whatever way I can.

      I suggest you read the following posts to get the details. Also, don’t forget to read other comments from other parents. It is their experience that will enrich you.
      You can also go thru school’s website to get updated info.

    1. The criteria for higher class is not known but yes, it’s not taxing … neither to student nor parents. Just prepare your child for Maths, English and a bit of general science and social science. Unlike younger kids, class 7th students will have written exams.

      Parents will also be asked questions.
      For current fee structure, you may call them and find out.

  29. Hai,
    Just have few doubts after reading the full article. From kg to grade 6 my daughter studied in Dubai. It is CBSE syllabus. This year she got admission in NELLORE for grade 7.
    I want to apply for grade 8 in RV for next year. In this case my child will come under the category of NRI or local. Your advise is valuable.
    Thank you.

  30. hi , does the school take admissions in grade 5 , our son would be completing his grade 4 march 2018 and we were keen to apply for the coming year . december 1st being the deadline we are anyways applying for admissions but it would be really helpful to explore further possibilities of admission to grade 5 as their website states grade 7
    Also would be very helpful to know more about 1. admission procedure 2. class students teacher ration 3. general student mix ( race / nationalities ) ; more varied the better

    1. Hi Priya.. What about the admission result. This year(2019-2020) we have applied for our Son. Want to know your experience. Kindly share

    2. Hi priya,
      This is varshapriya. Wanted to know did your child got admission last year.
      I had applied for my son in 2016. But didn’t
      get in RVS but got in Sahyadri school KFI. This year I am applying for my son and daughter ..7 and 4th class..can you tell me what is the pattern this time or any tips which will help me.

  31. Hi Nisha,
    We would like to know if you know of anyone who could get an admission in Std. 4 but at an age of 9+. We feel that our son though academically very confident he may take another year to do his chores independently. Is there any upper age limit for admissions.
    Any comments will be very helpful.


    1. Hi Raj,

      I don’t think there’s an upper limit … just an year above is not considered as old. 🙂

      Anyway, why don’t you call the school and find out yourself?

  32. Hi Nisha,
    Thankyou,your article had been very informative.We have applied for our daughters to class 9 and class 11 for 2019-20.Waiting anxiously to hear from school.Did anyone get interview call this year?

  33. Hi all
    applied for my son admission into 4th std..selected for the interview…was excited. ..maybe way too a reply today saying that he was not selected..wonder what really their method of selection is..and i maybe am in bias..completely felt knocked out by their decision..

    1. Hi Dr Sarath,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your son not getting admission. It happens sometimes. I think they check for overall performance, not only academic. Some personality traits as well. But in a milder way. That doesn’t mean your son is not good. Probably something better is waiting for him. 🙂

      All the best.

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